Thursday Mixed Doubles Skip's Choice

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

September 2011 to January 2012 - In Progress

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Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

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Sep 29 6:30 pm Konno/Lundeen vs. Towillis x 2 Bleau/Ball vs. Ernst/Westhagen Clark vs. >> BYE << Frosch/Owens vs. Vukich/Good Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel vs. Vukich/Rimple
Oct 6 5:00 pm Ernst/Westhagen vs. Konno/Lundeen Towillis x 2 vs. >> BYE << Bleau/Ball vs. Vukich/Good Clark vs. Vukich/Rimple Frosch/Owens vs. Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel
Oct 13 5:00 pm Konno/Lundeen vs. >> BYE << Ernst/Westhagen vs. Vukich/Good Towillis x 2 vs. Vukich/Rimple Bleau/Ball vs. Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel Clark vs. Frosch/Owens
Oct 20 5:00 pm   Vukich/Good vs. Konno/Lundeen Ernst/Westhagen vs. Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel Towillis x 2 vs. Frosch/Owens Bleau/Ball vs. Clark
Oct 27 5:00 pm   Vukich/Good vs. Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel Konno/Lundeen vs. Vukich/Rimple Ernst/Westhagen vs. Clark Towillis x 2 vs. Bleau/Ball
Nov 3 5:00 pm Ernst/Westhagen vs. Towillis x 2 Vukich/Rimple vs. Frosch/Owens Vukich/Good vs. Clark Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel vs. Konno/Lundeen  
Nov 10 5:00 pm   Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel vs. Clark Vukich/Rimple vs. Bleau/Ball Vukich/Good vs. Towillis x 2 Konno/Lundeen vs. Frosch/Owens
Nov 17 5:00 pm Frosch/Owens vs. Bleau/Ball Clark vs. Konno/Lundeen Cornfield/Eng-Dinsel vs. Towillis x 2    
Dec 1 5:00 pm   Clark vs. Towillis x 2 Frosch/Owens vs. Ernst/Westhagen Konno/Lundeen vs. Bleau/Ball Vukich/Rimple vs. Vukich/Good
Jan 4 11:00 pm       Vukich/Rimple vs. Ernst/Westhagen