Thursday Men's Skip's Choice

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 2011 to March 2012 - In Progress

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Men only. Sign up as a team. If you do not have a team the League Manager will try to find you one. All Points for the season count for playoff seeding. Tie-Breakers for Playoffs (in order listed) are… 1) Yearly Points / Strength of Schedule 2) Head-to-Head (or Best Record if 3 or more teams) 3) Manager's Decision -- A substitute may play any position. Sorry guys, NO WOMEN ARE ALLOWED AS SUBSTITUTES.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Bye
Oct 6 7:00 pm Fox vs. Zwiers Battle vs. Williams Beck vs. Tilker Bird vs. Rasmussen Ernst vs. Potter Calcagno, Kattler, Pahl, Schreiber
9:00 pm Smith vs. Bromance Blackburn vs. Guzeaux Demlow vs. Cornfield tie Gore vs. Martin Jamieson vs. Larson
Oct 13 7:00 pm Ernst vs. Tilker Pahl vs. Calcagno Blackburn vs. Zwiers Demlow vs. Williams Schreiber vs. Kattler Battle, Beck, Fox, Smith
9:00 pm Gore vs. Rasmussen Bird vs. Bromance Martin vs. Potter Jamieson vs. Guzeaux Larson vs. Cornfield
Oct 20 7:00 pm Smith vs. Kattler Fox vs. Pahl Larson vs. Williams tie Potter vs. Rasmussen Jamieson vs. Zwiers Bird, Blackburn, Demlow, Ernst
9:00 pm Battle vs. Schreiber Beck vs. Calcagno Gore vs. Bromance Martin vs. Tilker tie Cornfield vs. Guzeaux
Oct 27 7:00 pm Beck vs. Fox Battle vs. Kattler Bird vs. Smith Blackburn vs. Pahl Guzeaux vs. Williams Gore, Jamieson, Larson, Martin
9:00 pm Demlow vs. Schreiber Potter vs. Bromance Ernst vs. Calcagno Cornfield vs. Zwiers Rasmussen vs. Tilker
Nov 3 7:00 pm Jamieson vs. Pahl Williams vs. Zwiers Ernst vs. Fox Bird vs. Kattler Larson vs. Schreiber Cornfield, Guzeaux, Potter, Rasmussen
9:00 pm Gore vs. Smith Blackburn vs. Beck Martin vs. Calcagno Tilker vs. Bromance Demlow vs. Battle
Nov 10 7:00 pm Demlow vs. Kattler Ernst vs. Blackburn Gore vs. Bird Cornfield vs. Pahl tie Martin vs. Fox Bromance, Tilker, Williams, Zwiers
9:00 pm Potter vs. Smith Rasmussen vs. Calcagno Jamieson vs. Beck Larson vs. Battle Guzeaux vs. Schreiber
Nov 17 7:00 pm Guzeaux vs. Kattler Rasmussen vs. Cornfield Tilker vs. Potter Williams vs. Martin Zwiers vs. Larson Blackburn, Demlow, Ernst, Gore
9:00 pm Bromance vs. Jamieson Calcagno vs. Bird Schreiber vs. Beck Pahl vs. Battle Smith vs. Fox
Dec 1 7:00 pm Tilker vs. Kattler Williams vs. Rasmussen Zwiers vs. Guzeaux Bromance vs. Cornfield Schreiber vs. Ernst tie Jamieson, Larson, Martin, Potter
9:00 pm Pahl vs. Demlow Smith vs. Blackburn Fox vs. Bird Battle vs. Beck tie Calcagno vs. Gore
Dec 8 5:00 pm   Smith vs. Rasmussen   Beck vs. Potter tie  
7:00 pm Calcagno vs. Zwiers Schreiber vs. Williams Pahl vs. Tilker Fox vs. Guzeaux Ernst vs. Gore
9:00 pm Kattler vs. Bromance tie Battle vs. Cornfield Bird vs. Martin Blackburn vs. Larson Demlow vs. Jamieson
Dec 15 5:00 pm   Pahl vs. Potter   Fox vs. Larson   Cornfield, Schreiber
7:00 pm Kattler vs. Williams Zwiers vs. Tilker Calcagno vs. Guzeaux tie Smith vs. Martin
9:00 pm Battle vs. Jamieson Bromance vs. Rasmussen Beck vs. Gore Bird vs. Ernst Blackburn vs. Demlow
Dec 22 5:00 pm   Kattler vs. Cornfield   Williams vs. Jamieson   Battle, Fox, Gore, Zwiers
7:00 pm Guzeaux vs. Potter Rasmussen vs. Martin Tilker vs. Larson
9:00 pm Bromance vs. Ernst tie Pahl vs. Bird Schreiber vs. Blackburn Calcagno vs. Demlow tie Smith vs. Beck
Jan 12 5:00 pm       Beck, Bromance, Calcagno, Guzeaux, Kattler, Pahl, Rasmussen, Smith, Tilker, Williams
7:00 pm Gore vs. Jamieson Demlow vs. Martin Ernst vs. Larson Blackburn vs. Potter Zwiers vs. Bird
9:00 pm Fox vs. Battle Schreiber vs. Cornfield
Jan 19 5:00 pm   Guzeaux vs. Gore   Rasmussen vs. Ernst   Bird, Zwiers
7:00 pm Kattler vs. Martin Potter vs. Larson Cornfield vs. Jamieson Schreiber vs. Fox Pahl vs. Smith
9:00 pm Tilker vs. Demlow Williams vs. Blackburn Bromance vs. Beck Calcagno vs. Battle
Jan 26 5:00 pm   Tilker vs. Bird   Zwiers vs. Battle  
7:00 pm Williams vs. Beck Larson vs. Kattler Potter vs. Gore Calcagno vs. Smith Schreiber vs. Pahl
9:00 pm Cornfield vs. Ernst Guzeaux vs. Demlow Rasmussen vs. Blackburn Martin vs. Jamieson Bromance vs. Fox
Feb 2 5:00 pm LeBeau Practice Calcagno vs. Schreiber   Rasmussen vs. Beck  
7:00 pm Tilker vs. Battle Williams vs. Fox Kattler vs. Jamieson Guzeaux vs. Bird Zwiers vs. Smith
9:00 pm Larson vs. Gore Martin vs. Ernst Potter vs. Demlow Bromance vs. Pahl Cornfield vs. Blackburn
Feb 9 5:00 pm   Martin vs. Blackburn   Williams vs. Pahl  
7:00 pm Gore vs. Kattler Tilker vs. Smith Rasmussen vs. Fox Zwiers vs. Schreiber Potter vs. Bird
9:00 pm Jamieson vs. Ernst Larson vs. Demlow Cornfield vs. Beck Guzeaux vs. Battle Bromance vs. Calcagno
Feb 16 5:00 pm   Jamieson vs. Fox   Larson vs. Smith tie  
7:00 pm Rasmussen vs. Zwiers Martin vs. Pahl Tilker vs. Williams Kattler vs. Blackburn Potter vs. Schreiber
9:00 pm Demlow vs. Bird Ernst vs. Beck Guzeaux vs. Bromance Cornfield vs. Calcagno Gore vs. Battle tie
Feb 23 5:00 pm   Demlow vs. Rasmussen   Battle vs. Bromance  
7:00 pm Kattler vs. Pahl Jamieson vs. Potter Fox vs. Calcagno Beck vs. Zwiers Bird vs. Williams
9:00 pm Ernst vs. Guzeaux Blackburn vs. Tilker Gore vs. Cornfield Smith vs. Schreiber Larson vs. Martin
Mar 1 5:00 pm   Potter vs. Cornfield   Bird vs. Schreiber Gore vs. Zwiers
7:00 pm Ernst vs. Zwiers Battle vs. Smith Gore vs. Williams Kattler vs. Fox Beck vs. Pahl
9:00 pm Blackburn vs. Calcagno Jamieson vs. Tilker Demlow vs. Bromance Larson vs. Rasmussen Martin vs. Guzeaux
Mar 8 5:00 pm     Fox vs. Calcagno   Rasmussen vs. Beck
7:00 pm Pahl vs. Martin Jamieson vs. Zwiers Ernst vs. Smith Schreiber vs. Potter Cornfield vs. Tilker
9:00 pm Blackburn vs. Gore Bromance vs. Bird Larson vs. Guzeaux Demlow vs. Williams Battle vs. Kattler
Mar 15 5:00 pm   Schreiber vs. Williams   Pahl vs. Battle  
7:00 pm Guzeaux vs. Tilker Rasmussen vs. Calcagno Fox vs. Beck Gore vs. Zwiers Demlow vs. Potter
9:00 pm Smith vs. Bird Kattler vs. Martin Jamieson vs. Blackburn Bromance vs. Ernst Cornfield vs. Larson
Mar 22 7:00 pm Pahl vs. Zwiers Cornfield vs. Potter Bird vs. Beck Jamieson vs. Kattler Fox vs. Smith Guzeaux, Schreiber, Tilker, Williams
9:00 pm Calcagno vs. Bromance Blackburn vs. Martin C-Division Championship Rasmussen vs. Ernst A-Division Championship Demlow vs. Larson B-Division Championship Battle vs. Gore