Tuesday Super League

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 2013 to March 2014 - In Progress

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Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Bye
Oct 8 7:00 pm Demlow vs. J Vukich Guzman vs. Lamberts Birklid vs. Sieg Lawson vs. Sweet Guy vs. Knievel Rimple, Smith
9:00 pm Romaniuk vs. Way S Vukich vs. Shoesmith Clark vs. Kauffman Beck vs. Lee Garzina vs. Good
Oct 15 7:00 pm Beck vs. Rimple Demlow vs. Way Lamberts vs. S Vukich Garzina vs. Guzman Sieg vs. J Vukich Lee, Sweet
9:00 pm Guy vs. Kauffman Birklid vs. Clark Good vs. Shoesmith Knievel vs. Romaniuk Lawson vs. Smith
Oct 22 7:00 pm Lawson vs. Lee Beck vs. Smith Demlow vs. Knievel Birklid vs. Guy Kauffman vs. Romaniuk Good, Lamberts
9:00 pm Clark vs. Sieg Rimple vs. Sweet J Vukich vs. Way Garzina vs. Shoesmith Guzman vs. S Vukich
Oct 29 7:00 pm J Vukich vs. Knievel Birklid vs. Kauffman Beck vs. Sweet Good vs. S Vukich Clark vs. Way Shoesmith, Guzman
9:00 pm Lee vs. Smith Guy vs. Sieg Lawson vs. Rimple Demlow vs. Romaniuk Garzina vs. Lamberts
Nov 5 7:00 pm Garzina vs. S Vukich Lamberts vs. Shoesmith Clark vs. Guy J Vukich vs. Romaniuk Smith vs. Sweet Kauffman, Sieg
9:00 pm Good vs. Guzman Beck vs. Lawson Knievel vs. Way Lee vs. Rimple Birklid vs. Demlow
Nov 12 7:00 pm Kauffman vs. Sieg Lee vs. Sweet Good vs. Lamberts Rimple vs. Smith Guzman vs. Shoesmith Clark, Birklid, Guy, Romaniuk, J Vukich, Knievel, Way, Demlow, Garzina, Lawson, Beck, S Vukich
Color Key: Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D