Thursday Men's League

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 2013 to March 2014 - In Progress

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Men only. Sign up as a team and get arranged into brackets based on skill level. Re-rankings take place throughout the season.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Bye
Oct 10 7:00 pm AARP vs. Kattler Williams vs. Vukich Stevens vs. Fox Yalowicki vs. Shoesmith Thibodeaux vs. Taylor Cornfield, Potter
9:00 pm Blackburn vs. Guzman C. Smith vs. Demlow Ernst vs. Beck Larson vs. Battle Lawson vs. Wulff
Oct 17 7:00 pm Thibodeaux vs. Vukich Fox vs. Wulff Battle vs. AARP Williams vs. Potter Guzman vs. Demlow Ernst, Kattler
9:00 pm C. Smith vs. Stevens tie Blackburn vs. Lawson Larson vs. Shoesmith Beck vs. Taylor Yalowicki vs. Cornfield
Oct 24 7:00 pm Potter vs. Taylor Larson vs. Kattler Williams vs. Thibodeaux Lawson vs. C. Smith Ernst vs. Vukich Beck, Yalowicki
9:00 pm Guzman vs. Fox Cornfield vs. Battle Blackburn vs. Demlow Stevens vs. Wulff AARP vs. Shoesmith
Oct 31 7:00 pm Yalowicki vs. Larson Ernst vs. Potter tie Lawson vs. Stevens Cornfield vs. AARP Kattler vs. Shoesmith Battle, Thibodeaux
9:00 pm Blackburn vs. Wulff Williams vs. Taylor Guzman vs. C. Smith Beck vs. Vukich Demlow vs. Fox
Nov 7 7:00 pm Lawson vs. Demlow Guzman vs. Wulff Potter vs. Beck C. Smith vs. Fox Vukich vs. Taylor Larson, Williams
9:00 pm Battle vs. Kattler Yalowicki vs. AARP Cornfield vs. Shoesmith Ernst vs. Thibodeaux Blackburn vs. Stevens
Nov 14 7:00 pm Potter vs. Vukich Thibodeaux vs. Beck Stevens vs. Demlow Battle vs. Shoesmith Cornfield vs. Larson AARP, Taylor
9:00 pm C. Smith vs. Wulff Blackburn vs. Fox Guzman vs. Lawson Yalowicki vs. Kattler Williams vs. Ernst
Nov 21 7:00 pm Guzman vs. Stevens Cornfield vs. Kattler Ernst vs. Taylor Demlow vs. Wulff Thibodeaux vs. Potter Shoesmith, Vukich
9:00 pm Williams vs. Beck Larson vs. AARP Yalowicki vs. Battle Lawson vs. Fox Blackburn vs. C. Smith
Dec 5 7:00 pm Thibodeaux vs. Potter Williams vs. Stevens Taylor vs. Wulff Blackburn vs. Beck AARP vs. Vukich Cornfield, Guzman
9:00 pm Battle vs. Fox C. Smith vs. Larson Lawson vs. Demlow Yalowicki vs. Ernst Kattler vs. Shoesmith
Dec 12 7:00 pm Larson vs. Kattler Ernst vs. Vukich Thibodeaux vs. Shoesmith Williams vs. C. Smith Potter vs. Fox Demlow, Wulff
9:00 pm Guzman vs. AARP Blackburn vs. Cornfield Beck vs. Battle Stevens vs. Taylor Yalowicki vs. Lawson
Dec 19 7:00 pm Potter vs. Shoesmith Beck vs. Fox Lawson vs. Vukich Guzman vs. Demlow Blackburn vs. Thibodeaux Yalowicki, Taylor
9:00 pm Williams vs. Wulff C. Smith vs. Kattler tie Ernst vs. AARP Cornfield vs. Battle Larson vs. Stevens
Jan 2 7:00 pm Cornfield vs. Fox tie Ernst vs. Demlow Potter vs. Beck tie Blackburn vs. Shoesmith Yalowicki vs. Vukich C. Smith, AARP
9:00 pm Guzman vs. Lawson Larson vs. Wulff Williams vs. Taylor Stevens vs. Kattler Thibodeaux vs. Battle
Jan 9 7:00 pm Larson vs. Taylor C. Smith vs. Stevens Guzman vs. Vukich Thibodeaux vs. Fox Blackburn vs. Potter Ernst, Williams
9:00 pm Battle vs. Shoesmith Cornfield vs. Beck Yalowicki vs. Demlow Lawson vs. AARP Kattler vs. Wulff
Jan 16 7:00 pm Thibodeaux vs. Beck Williams vs. Kattler Stevens vs. Wulff Cornfield vs. Potter Yalowicki vs. AARP Lawson, Larson
9:00 pm C. Smith vs. Taylor Guzman vs. Ernst Blackburn vs. Battle Demlow vs. Vukich Fox vs. Shoesmith
Feb 6 7:00 pm Ernst vs. Lawson Cornfield vs. Thibodeaux Kattler vs. Taylor Guzman vs. Yalowicki Williams vs. Larson Stevens, Vukich
9:00 pm Blackburn vs. Fox Potter vs. Battle Beck vs. Shoesmith C. Smith vs. Wulff AARP vs. Demlow
Color Key: Pool B Pool A Pool C