Candidate Changes & Voting FAQ

Candidate Changes & Voting FAQ

August 21, 2020 - 8:56pm -- Ryan Doerfler

Greetings GCC Community,

Hold the virtual presses ... there's been a last minute change in our ballot!

Three of our Board candidates - Kara McBroom, Emily Good, and MacAllan Guy - have unfortunately withdrawn for this year's election. Candidates you can vote for now are : Charlie Anthe, Dominic Arico, Will Dimmit, Kathy Justice, Scott McLean, Jeff Pearson, Bryan Pittard, and Jessica Schultz.

The GCC voting web site has been changed to reflect these changes. If you voted for Em, Kara, or Mac, you can change your votes by revisiting the voting page.

A bunch of questions have been coming in about the new voting process, the Board structure, and essentially how all of this will work. Here's the details in an FAQ-like format:
• How do I vote?
Just click the button below! It will take you to the GCC web site voting page. When prompted, you will need to log-in with your GCC site user name and password to access it.


• How long do I have to vote?
Voting closes at 8 pm PDT on Thursday, August 27th. This will be about half-way through the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Throughout the beginning of the AGM, we'll remind everyone to get their votes in.

• How can I learn more about the candidates?
The candidates have been asked to provide a statement that will be shared with the 2019/20 membership. The statements will cover what they feel the long-term priorities of GCC should be, why they want to be on the Board, relevant skills and experience for the position, and how GCC has influenced their life outside of curling. These statements will be provided on Tuesday evening.

• Candidate statements, what a great idea! I may need to change my vote. Can I do that?
Yes you can! One of the great things about this new voting format is that you can change your vote any time before the vote closes. Just be sure your final vote is in before 8 pm on August 27th!

• When will the results be announced?
The names of the top-4 vote getters will be announced at the end of the AGM, as well as by email to all members.

• How many votes do I have?
You have 4 votes that you can use.

• 4 votes, that's awesome! Can I use them all on one candidate?
Nope! A candidate can only get 1 of your votes. Using multiple votes on a candidate isn't permitted.

• Can I give my extra votes to someone else or designate a proxy?
Nope again! Those 4 votes are all yours. Transferring votes to another member isn't possible.

• Am I voting for someone to fill a specific position on the Board?
Not exactly. You are voting for the candidate to fill a generic trustee position on the Board. When the new Board convenes, the President and Vice-President positions for 2020/21 will be elected by the Board members, and the other Board positions will be divided up.

• Who will the new Board members work with?
The newly elected members will be joining the Board members that are not up for reelection this year. They are Ethan Bradford, Ryan Doerfler, Lori Markham, Lisa Rauliuk, and Phil Shryock.

• This Board stuff is so fascinating! How can I learn more?
You're in luck. A super-detailed PDF description about the Board operations and the different positions can be downloaded here:


I hope this covers any voting or Board questions that may be out there! If not, just reach out to myself and the entire GCC Board at

Ryan Doerfler
Communications, Granite Curling Club
Pronouns: he, him, his

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