Christensen/Shuster win Mixed Doubles National Championship

Christensen/Shuster win Mixed Doubles National Championship

March 3, 2019 - 2:40pm -- Doug Potter

In a close final, Cory Christensen and John Shuster defeated Vicky Persinger and Christopher Plys at the Mixed Doubles National Championship here at Granite. Up by one without the hammer, Christensen/Shuster managed to steal one in the final end to seal the victory - and a trip to the World Championship in Stavanger, Norway in April.

Jim Pleasants was my deputy and took on the specific job, along with Lori Markham, Laurel Haigh-Gore, and Marissa Wright, of providing food for athletes, volunteers, and the public. In particular, Brent Campbell’s Saturday night spread surpassed its “taco bar” billing.

Jen Nguyen wore many hats, including ticketing, lanyards, sponsorship packaging, lockers, volunteer coordination. I cannot thank her enough.

Dave Leinweber and his crew worked tirelessly before and during the event to keep the ice in championship condition.

Joe Roberts and his crew of officials managed event mechanics in an extremely professional and cooperative way.

Cindy and Ken Vasey took many turns at the front desk - and Cindy produced the program. Tom FitzGerald handled the media. Brittney Bollay did the photography. Thanks to all of you, named and unnamed, for help bringing off this successful event. I believe we represented ourselves well to the rest of the country - and to people in this area, many of whom had never seen curling before.

Thanks again.

Doug Potter
Event Chair
2019 Mixed Doubles Nationals

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