Granite Curling Club’s Communications

Granite Curling Club’s Communications

September 26, 2013 - 11:02am -- James Sullivan

Granite Curling Club’s Communications

Granite Curling Club communicates with its members primarily through electronic methods.  We do this through our official websites and through email list servers.[1]

Officially, we have two websites: and our Facebook page. We try to keep them up to date and current, but as a volunteer organization that doesn’t always happen.  If you would like to help out with those properties, our webmaster (Doug Potter) would love to have your assistance.  We regularly get recommendations for improvements to the website and having a pool of experienced webmasters would help us implement those improvements.  Who knows, maybe someday we’ll have online payments for membership, leagues and bonspiels!

Our email communications are delivered through one of two email lists:  gcc-announce and gcc-interest.  As a member, you will be automatically subscribed to both lists.  If you’re not registered to these lists or you want to add another email to these lists, then send an email to or  Your email account will be subscribed.

The Announce list is for Very Important Messages that we’d rather you not ignore.  This includes notifications about important events and deadlines, like the Annual General Meeting and Registration Deadlines and such.  In general the level of traffic on this list is low.  You’ll see increased emails in April/May (AGM) and in August/September (Registration), but we try to keep the traffic to those Very Important Messages.

The Interest list is for all other club related information.  It’s still interesting and informative and we try to keep the amount of traffic low, but that’s where the requests for help with projects and open houses; bonspiel notifications and other information are communicated.

You can unsubscribe from either list.  We don’t care if you decide that you don’t want to be subscribed to the Interest list.  Actually, we do, but we won’t make it difficult.  Of course, we’d rather you keep in touch.  If you want to unsubscribe from Interest, send an email from the account that you want unsubscribed to:

We do care if you want to unsubscribe from Announce.  Those Very Important Messages mean something (like the deadline for priority registration that a few members have missed in the past), so we will make it slightly difficult for you to unsubscribe.  You can still send the unsubscribe email to the list (, but our dedicated warren of email elves will first vet your request to make sure that you’re not suddenly being cut off from our VIMs.

Finally, at this time of the year (and at other times that tend to be more random than they should be), we do mass subscriptions to these two mailing lists.  We could ask our dedicated warren of email elves to create a blacklist for this process to automatically unsubscribe those who have unsubscribed in the past, but they’ve indicated that they’re not that type of elf and we should never ask them that again or they’ll leave the warren.  However, if you understood that last sentence and want to join the warren, send us an email and we’ll happily add you to the warren.


Some might say that it’s ironic that we’re sending this information via email. 
Don’t ya think?

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