Holiday Spiel results

Holiday Spiel results

December 10, 2013 - 7:14am -- Lisa Rugen

If you didn't play in this year's Holiday Spiel you missed a fun one. We had 32 teams with some old and new friends joining us from B.C, Oregon and California, plus we had some of the best holiday looks to date.

All successful spiels are run with the help of our amazing volunteers. A huge thanks to our bartenders Paul Shafer, Scott McLean, Colleen Richardson and Elizabeth Jolley. Thanks to Greg Schatzman for selecting wine for the Friday and Saturday game "double" prizes. Thanks to Chad Siefert for smoking that amazing pork shoulder. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to lend a hand in the kitchen especially George and Nanette Peppin, Nicole Samson, Molly McCarthy, Bill Rugen, Chad Siefert, Jill Lamberts, Christina Pastula, Thomas Lee, Jiyoung Lee, Kris Ikigami, John Ikigami, Debbie Heaslip,Amy Towillis, Nikki Lorvik and Awesome Jason (who also fixed the broken disco ball motor!). If we have forgotten anyone I am truly sorry. Your help was greatly appreciated!!

The best dressed team prize went to April Gale-Seixeiro, Steve Seixeiro, Harry Saylor and Matt Guzzardo who blinded their competition with their luminescence and well placed holiday cheer. Bob Thibodeaux won the best individual prize although last we heard his shoulder riding elf was demanding the prize all to himself and trying to convince Bob to call only takeouts.

The unofficial winners of best holiday spiel spirit went to team Chickenbumps (Thomas Lee, Jiyoung Lee, Kris Ikigami, John Ikigami). Not only did they dress like chickens and help out, but they partied like rock stars.

The ice crew did an amazing job of cleaning all our sweater bits off the ice. Thanks to Joe Fox, Severin Larson, Dave Leinweber, Don Rimmer and Tim Adlington.

The Junior Program raised almost $700 dollars from the 50/50 raffles. Jill Lamberts, Megan Goodenkauf and Amy Towillis took home and/or donated their prizes back to the program/bar.

Oh and there was curling. Congratulations to the following teams who participated in a slightly different A, B, C, D 3 game guaranteed event.

A Event
Winner: Hackbashers / Travis Way, Em Good, Mac Guy, Kathleen Bert
Runner-up: Team Knievel / Bob Knievel, Christina Pastula, Justin Boshoven, Carol Knievel

B Event - lost their second game in the A
(declared a tie after 4th end broom stacking and too many cocktails)
Merry Rocks / Liam Barksdale, John Rasmussen, Kendall Behm, Amy Towillis, Michael Towillis
Sweater Hogs / Benj Guzman, Jilly 'the claw' Lamberts, Bill Rugen, Lisa Rugen

C Event - lost their second game in the A and fell to the C
Winner: Shelby Sweet / Shelby Sweet, Tina Persinger, Nikki Lorvick, Cori Tomlinson, Christine Donnan
Runner-up: Old Age and Treachery / Larry Weir, Jeff Kizner, Ben Leinweber, Tomoko Leinweber

D Event - lost their second game in the B and fell to the D
Winner: Kong / Davinna Kong, Sue Mitchell, Miranda Heaslip, Donna Umali-Mendoza
Runner-up: Placek / Art Placek, Kathy Placek, Eleanor Robertson, Kevin Rutherford

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Next up is the Ladies spiel Jan 11/12 followed by the 25 & Under and 5 & Under in March. Signups are available online.

Looking forward to seeing you on and off the ice.

Lisa Rugen and Max Stevens
Holiday Spiel Co-chairs

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