Join Us for Learn to Curl Sessions

Join Us for Learn to Curl Sessions

March 13, 2015 - 6:49am -- Molly McCarthy

There are 4 upcoming ‘Learn to Curl Sessions’: 7pm April 7 and 6pm April 8, 14 and 16.

Cost: $80 for all 4 sessions, or $25 for a single session.

Instruction will be personally geared towards your level of play - whether you are brand new curler or are looking for some extra tips after playing for a season or two.

For the newer curler this will include:

  • Work in small groups with experienced instructors to help you learn and refine delivery and sweeping techniques.
  • Learn what each position does, and how each one is important to a team.
  • The basics behind curling strategy
  • Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette
  • Helping you be a good teammate in whichever league you decide to play in.

For the intermediate curler, sessions can be tailored to specific teams or individuals but sample topics are:

  • Further refinement and video analysis of delivery.
  • Sweeping analysis and tips for increasing effectiveness.
  • Suggestion of individual practice drills.
  • Physical conditioning for curlers (stretches, muscle strengthening and cardio suggestions).
  • Strategy discussions – general strategy, end of game strategy and situational analysis.

Please register early by sending following information to Elle LeBeau at Name, Years Curling, Learning Goal, Team Name (if registering as a team). Please come with payment (cash or check) on the first session.

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