Ladies Spiel - Thank You!

Ladies Spiel - Thank You!

January 28, 2015 - 3:14pm -- Lori Markham

Another Ladies Spiel is over and was a tremendous success thanks to many people. I am grateful for the help and support to the following people:

  • Lisa Rugen and Doug Potter - organized the draw and posted to the website. Thank goodness there are people that know how to do it because I certainly don't
  • Joe Fox, Severin Larson, and Dave Leinweber. Our ice crew are the best always.
  • Scott McLean and Dave Wolternick - fantastic bartenders. Mojito's were the cocktail of choice and darn good!
  • Bret Dodson, Todd Schultz, and Blake Sweet. The food was amazing as usual. These hardworking guys even baked fresh bread for dinner. What woman doesn't appreciate a man cooking for her!
  • Lisa Rauliuk, Arianna Rauliuk, Sue Lorvick, and Abs Marteny. Helped with everything from shopping, organizing, to constructing gift baskets. Your help was so appreciated.
  • Cindy McCain - donated one of our baskets for the raffle. Jennie Dodson was the lucky winner.

The winners in order of place:

  • Team Good
  • Team Konno
  • Team Shultz
  • Team Hurford

Complete results
Finally, thank you to everyone who participated. It was such great fun! Look on Facebook for pictures...there were great hats and spectacular, flashy costumes. A very hard act to follow for next year...Melissa, Jessica, Katie, and Cindy!!

Good curling everyone!
Lori Markham

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