Men's Scot Tour postponed to January 2023

October 5, 2021 - 2:44pm -- Doug Potter

Due to the Covid pandemic, the executive committee of the 2022 Men's Scot Tour has postponed until January 2023. Doug Potter, vice-captain, and Keith Schreiber from GCC are on the team.

Alex Dickson, Scottish Convener for the tour:

It is with deep regret that the USA Men’s Tour to Scotland, due in January 2022, has been postponed due to the possible implications and uncertainty around Covid at this time. Although most unfortunate, this understandable decision by their organising committee will merely delay welcoming our American friends - and we look forward to hosting a most enjoyable and memorable tour for them in January 2023.

Leland Rich, Tour Captain:

The 2022 USA Scot Tour is enthusiastically looking forward to our trip to Scotland. We are disappointed to postpone the trip but feel it is the right thing for us and for our Scottish hosts. With all the unknowns concerning Covid and travel we feel it is best to wait a year and hope for a more enjoyable experience for everyone then.

The incoming Women's Scot tour originally scheduled for January 2021, which had already been postponed to November 2021, has been further postponed to November 2022.


It should be removed from the GCC calendar

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