Spring Spiel Has Sprung

April 19, 2022 - 10:51pm -- Bryan Pittard
B Event Winners
C Event Winners
D Event Winners
Even though the infamous April Spiel hibernated another season, we had a spectacular celebration of rebirth with the Spring Open Spiel. Congratulations to
Winners Springing the Trap Cory Yalowicki, David Booth, Chris Bond, Adam Seymour
Runners-up PulpoPepePatoYJohn Pato Rugen, Pepe Rugen, Pulpo (Bag o Nails) Barksdale, John Rasmussen
B winners Nut Jam Ryan Sykes, Nick Coleman, Claire Wilton, Jeff Grajkowski from Marpole/Victoria
C winners Eri and the McAuleys Eric Kulcyk, Bob McAuley, Evan McAuley, Rebecca McAuley
D winners To Be Decided Carolyn Beranek, James Reilly, Derek Huang, Kerri Sidebottom, Micah Jenkins, Joe Landry

Thanks to all of the participants for joining the fun and our fierce volunteers for planning and bringing this event to fruition!