Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!

April 10, 2014 - 9:46pm -- Nicole Way

Another April Spiel in the books!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers this year. Lisa and her kitchen crew did an outstanding job with all food! Pit Boss Steve and his gambling gurus kept everyone entertained. We'll have to gamble again, there is no doubt! Lisa out did herself with that Vegas sign! Awesome Jason made a wedding chapel! Paul Shaffer performed marriages! Harry and Lori organized some serious gift baskets! No one can auctioneer like Dougie can! It didn't take Joe and Severin long to clean all that blood off of sheet 1. The ice was the best it has ever been for an April Spiel! Thank you everyone.

Congratulations to the Bi-Sweptuals on beating La Michina Verde in the Finals!

A Winners: Bryan Kedziora, Karl lundgren, Heather Beatty, Jenn Allen
A Runners Up: Lisa Rugen, William Rugen, Liam Barksdale, John Rasmussen, Justin Boshoven

B Winners: Lyle Sieg, Jeff Tomlinson, Miyo Konno, Susan Booth
Good job an actually playing and earning it!

C Winners: Sloppy Whoppers (Bryan Kedziora's other team)
D Winners: Joel Erstad, Philip Tilker, Stephanie Erstad, Brad Casper
These tired teams survived the Death Marches to the finals and won some coin tosses!

Until next year, Curlers!

El Guz, Lisa 'Wife Beater' Rugen, Steve 'Pit Boss' Siexiero

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