Evergreen Interclub Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 21-22, 2009 - Completed

20 team fun spiel. All teams play four round robin games. Three games Saturday. One on Sunday. Dinner Saturday night.

Contact Jeff Tomlinson for more info.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 9:30 am Hambly vs. S.Vukich Gaylord vs. Kuns Carlson vs. Placek Wick vs. Thibodeaux  
11:45 am Bradford vs. Guzman Smith vs. Coleman Petsche vs. J.Vukich Iwanick vs. Sweet  
2:00 pm Thibodeaux vs. Kuns Carlson vs. S.Vukich Hambly vs. Wick Gaylord vs. Placek  
4:00 pm Iwanick vs. Coleman Petsche vs. Guzman Bradford vs. Sweet Smith vs. J.Vukich  
7:00 pm   Wick vs. Placek S.Vukich vs. Gaylord Hambly vs. Kuns Thibodeaux vs. Carlson
9:00 pm Bradford vs. J.Vukich Iwanick vs. Smith Petsche vs. Coleman Guzman vs. Sweet  
Sun 9:00 am Hambly vs. Placek Thibodeaux vs. Gaylord Carlson vs. Kuns Wick vs. S.Vukich  
11:00 am   Sweet vs. J.Vukich Guzman vs. Smith Bradford vs. Coleman Iwanick vs. Petsche
Color Key: Pool A Pool B

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