Holiday Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 11-13, 2009 - Completed

Open Format. Maximum: 32 teams. Three event guarantee.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:00 pm A5. Smith vs. Hambley W:A18, L:B7 A8. Ernst Bromance vs. Knievel W:A20, L:B7 A7. Vukich vs. Benson W:A19, L:B6 A4. Clark vs. Harris W:A18, L:B1 A6. Sweet vs. Garzina W:A19, L:B6
8:15 pm A14. Wilson vs. Bradford W:A24, L:B8 A10. Enns vs. Hall W:A21, L:B2 A11. Melton vs. Noble W:A21, L:B3 A9. Sieg vs. Aronson W:A20, L:B2 A12. Cornfield vs. Yalowicki W:A23, L:B3
10:30 pm A15. Johnson vs. Flying Meeses W:A24, L:B5 A1. Allison vs. Kozai W:A26, L:B9 A16. Fluffy Bunny vs. Pleasants W:A25, L:B4 A13. Schaak vs. Dodson W:A23, L:B5 A2. Taggart vs. Metzger W:A22, L:B4
Sat 7:50 am B6. Garzina vs. Benson W:B10, L:C2 A3. Hollywood vs. Guzman W:A22, L:B8 A17. Lehto vs. Beighton W:A25, L:B1 B7. Smith vs. Knievel W:B10, L:C7 A18. Clark vs. Hambley W:A27, L:C8
10:00 am B2. Aronson vs. Enns W:B13, L:C5 B3. Noble vs. Cornfield W:B13, L:C6 A20. Ernst Bromance vs. Sieg W:A28, L:C9 A19. Sweet vs. Vukich W:A27, L:C4 A21. Hall vs. Melton W:A28, L:C3
12:10 pm A22. Taggart vs. Guzman W:A26, L:C7 A23. Yalowicki vs. Schaak W:A30, L:C5 B5. Dodson vs. Flying Meeses W:B11, L:C3 B4. Metzger vs. Pleasants W:B11, L:C8 B8. Hollywood vs. Bradford W:B9, L:C4
2:20 pm C4. Sweet vs. Hollywood W:C10 A24. Wilson vs. Johnson W:A30, L:C6 B10. Garzina vs. Knievel W:B12 C5. Schaak vs. Aronson W:C10 A25. Fluffy Bunny vs. Beighton W:A32, L:C2
4:30 pm C6. Johnson vs. Noble W:C11 C7. Taggart vs. Smith W:C11 A26. Allison vs. Guzman W:A31, L:C1 B9. Kozai vs. Bradford W:B14, L:C9 B11. Pleasants vs. Dodson W:B12
6:40 pm A28. Sieg vs. Hall W:A29 A27. Clark vs. Vukich W:A29 C2. Fluffy Bunny vs. Benson W:C12 C3. Melton vs. Flying Meeses W:C12 B1. Harris vs. Lehto W:B15, L:C1
8:50 pm B12. Knievel vs. Pleasants W:B14 C8. Hambley vs. Metzger W:C14 C10. Hollywood vs. Schaak W:C13 C11. Johnson vs. Taggart W:C13 C9. Ernst Bromance vs. Kozai W:C14
11:00 pm     B13. Enns vs. Cornfield W:B15 A29. Vukich vs. Sieg W:A31 A30. Yalowicki vs. Wilson W:A32
Sun 8:00 am C13. Schaak vs. Johnson W:C16 B14. Bradford vs. Knievel W:B16 C14. Hambley vs. Kozai W:C16 C1. Guzman vs. Harris W:C15 C12. Fluffy Bunny vs. Melton W:C15
Sun 10:30 am A32. Beighton vs. Yalowicki W:A33 B15. Lehto vs. Cornfield W:B16 C15. Harris vs. Melton W:C17 C16. Johnson vs. Kozai W:C17 A31. Allison vs. Sieg W:A33
1:30 pm   C17. Harris vs. Johnson A33. Sieg vs. Beighton B16. Knievel vs. Lehto  

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