Mini Cash Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 27-29, 2009 - Completed

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 11:00 am A1-1. Romaniuk vs. Vukich A1-2. Demlow vs. Johnson B1-1. Clark vs. Tomlinson B1-2. Beighton vs. Guzman  
5:00 pm B2-1. Guzman vs. Clark   A2-1. Demlow vs. Vukich A2-1. Johnson vs. Romaniuk B2-2. Beighton vs. Tomlinson
Sat 9:00 am   A3-1. Vukich vs. Johnson B3-1. Tomlinson vs. Guzman B3-2. Clark vs. Beighton A3-2. Romaniuk vs. Demlow
3:00 pm         SF-2. Clark vs. Johnson
8:00 pm   SF-1. Romaniuk vs. Beighton      
Sun 1:00 pm     Final. Johnson vs. Beighton    
Color Key: Pool A Pool B

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