Mini Cash Spiel


  1. Romaniuk
  2. Clark
  3. Beighton
  4. Demlow
  5. Johnson
  6. Guzman
  7. Tomlinson
  8. Vukich

2009 Seattle Cash Spiel Rules

  1. Event will follow USCA rules except where they contradict the rules listed below.
  2. 8 teams are entered and peer seeding will be used to divide into two brackets of four teams each. Brackets will be seeds 1,4,5 & 8 and seeds 2,3, 6, & 7. Each pool will play a 3 game round robin. The top 2 in each pool will advance. Ties broken as listed below.
  3. Time is set aside Saturday afternoon for 1 possible tiebreaker draw – the scenarios after the round robin are as follows:
      A:   3-0  --- first            B:  2-1 ----- first based on best shootout
             2-1--- second               2-1 *----- second based on tiebreaker game
             1-2                               2-1 *
             0-3                               0-3     
    (No tiebreaker)
     C:    3-0 ---- first                                                                      D: 2-1 ---first on head
             1-2 * ---- worst shoot out between these 3 is eliminated      2-1 to head basis
             1-2 * other 2 play a tiebreaker game for second place          1-2
             1-2 *                                                                                      1-2
  4. The round robin and tie- breaker games are 8 ends. The semifinals and finals are 10 end games in the Cash Spiel.
  5. The entry fee is $200 due before the first game. If you can pay the club treasurer in advance that is appreciated, but if not then you must pay before the first game.
  6. 20 minutes before each game the teams need to flip a coin and the winner of the flip will have a choice of first/second practice or rock color. If the opposing team is not there by 15 minutes before the game time then the no offending team has the option of practice and rock color. Practice is one rock up and one rock back for each player. At the end of your team’s practice session one person throws a draw with sweeping to determine hammer (closest to pin). Opponent must verify distance.
  7. After a team’s first win they will complete the Draw Shot Challenge (DSC). The DSC is important as it will be used to break ties where appropriate (refer to section 3 above).
    • Each player throws a practice shot then throws a draw with sweeping.
    • The distance the draw ends up from the pin is measured in inches (short of the house or through is 73 inches)
    • The team score is the total in inches of all 4 players –(lowest total is best)
    • Please have Murray or another team rep measure, record and submit your DSC #’s.
  8. Teams may have up to 5 players in this event and those five players may play in any order. A player may not compete on more than one team in this event.