Evergreen Last Chance Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 24-25, 2010 - Completed

Relaxed end of the season spiel. Encourage new curlers to try a spiel. Good event to try skipping for the first time.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 9:00 am   A1. Bradford vs. McRae W:A9, L:B1 A2. Van Wieringen vs. Flying Meeses W:A9, L:B1 A3. Dinsel vs. Placek W:A10, L:B2 A4. Sweet vs. Irvin W:A10, L:B2
11:15 am   A5. Schaak vs. N Connolly W:A11, L:B3 A6. Fancy Pants vs. P Connolly W:A11, L:B3 A7. Kilpatrick vs. Kaplan W:A12, L:B4 A8. Smoltz vs. Rutan W:A12, L:B4
1:30 pm   B2. Placek vs. Irvin W:B5, L:D1 A10. Dinsel vs. Sweet W:A13, L:C1 A9. Bradford vs. Van Wieringen W:A13, L:C1 B1. McRae vs. Flying Meeses W:B5, L:D1
3:45 pm   B4. Kaplan vs. Smoltz W:B6, L:D2 A12. Kilpatrick vs. Rutan W:A14, L:C2 A11. N Connolly vs. P Connolly W:A14, L:C2 B3. Schaak vs. Fancy Pants W:B6, L:D2
7:00 pm   C1. Bradford vs. Sweet W:C3, L:CC1 D1. McRae vs. Irvin W:D3, L:DC1 D2. Fancy Pants vs. Smoltz W:D3, L:DC1 C2. N Connolly vs. Kilpatrick W:C3, L:CC1
9:00 pm   A13. Van Wieringen vs. Dinsel W:A15, L:AC1 B5. Flying Meeses vs. Placek W:B7, L:BC1 B6. Schaak vs. Kaplan W:B7, L:BC1 A14. P Connolly vs. Rutan W:A15, L:AC1
Sun 8:30 am   D3. Irvin vs. Smoltz C3. Sweet vs. Kilpatrick CC1. Bradford vs. N Connolly DC1. McRae vs. Fancy Pants
10:45 am   B7. Placek vs. Kaplan A15. Van Wieringen vs. P Connolly AC1. Dinsel vs. Rutan BC1. Flying Meeses vs. Schaak

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