Mixed Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 5-7, 2010 - Completed

Celebrate Super Bowl weekend:

  1. Make up a team name. Prizes for best, most appropriate, most creative team names.
  2. Team or individual costumes. Prizes for best team costume, best individual costume, most creative costume.
  3. Separate skills competition � cash prizes.
For football fans � the Super Bowl is at 3:00 on Sunday. We will be done by then. Stay afterwards to watch the game with your favorite curlers.

Teams - 16

Team Name From Members W L Position
Let it Curl GCC Patrick Connolly, Emily Bissonnette, Michael Tomlinson, Cori Tomlinson 4 0 Winner
High Flying Colts GCC Brady Clark, Cristin Clark, Steve Lundeen, Bev Walter 3 1 Finalist
The Who GCC Charles Smith, Nadyne Krienke, Kevin Johnson, Lisa Hambley, Lori Markham 3 1 B Event Winner
Falcons Evergreen Art Placek, Kathy Placek, Phil Placek, Christina Sanderson 4 1 C Event Winner
Fluffy Bunny GCC Mike Calcagno, Em Good, Jeremy Dinsel, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel 2 1 A Event Semi-Finalist
Rockin the House GCC Sharon Vukich, Jake Vukich, Betty Kozai, Evan McAuley 2 1 A Event Semi-Finalist
Geoducks GCC Beth Coffin, Jeff Wick, Sara Skulec, Greg Deuhs 2 2 B Event Finalist
Dosimeters GCC David Cornfield, Linda Cornfield, Greg Smith, Kim Hitchcock 3 2 C Event Finalist
Max's Red Rockets GCC Liam Barksdale, Janette Barksdale, Bill Ruddick, Karie Ruddick 2 2  
Crab Crackers GCC Ray Melton, Ken Mabbatt, Leslie Frosch, Heather Lewis 1 2  
Knockando GCC David Aronson, Kris Ikegami, Chris Battey, Laurel Gore 1 2  
Hammerheads GCC Claire Potter, Cliff Potter, Chris Rimple, Judy Pozsgay 1 2  
Sharks GCC Clare Cloutier, Niels Thogersen, Susan Schnoor, Brian Gore 1 3  
Papa oo mow mow GCC Bret Dodson, Andrea Katkansky, Jeff Keiser, Tricia Allen 0 3  
Who dat, dem? GCC Joe Fox, Miyo Konno, Bob Thibodeaux, Mary Alice Benson 0 3  
volkernstmeistagans GCC Andrew Ernst, Jennifer Westhagen, Rich Burmeister, Hannah Volkman 0 3  

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