Mixed Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 5-7, 2010 - Completed

Celebrate Super Bowl weekend:

  1. Make up a team name. Prizes for best, most appropriate, most creative team names.
  2. Team or individual costumes. Prizes for best team costume, best individual costume, most creative costume.
  3. Separate skills competition cash prizes.
For football fans the Super Bowl is at 3:00 on Sunday. We will be done by then. Stay afterwards to watch the game with your favorite curlers.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:00 pm A3. Geoducks vs. Crab Crackers W:A10, L:B2 A1. Dosimeters vs. Knockando W:A9, L:B1 A4. Fluffy Bunny vs. Papa oo mow mow W:A10, L:B2 A2. Let it Curl vs. Who dat, dem? W:A9, L:B1  
8:30 pm A5. Rockin the House vs. Sharks W:A11, L:B3 A7. Falcons vs. volkernstmeistagans W:A12, L:B4 A6. Max's Red Rockets vs. Hammerheads W:A11, L:B3 A8. High Flying Colts vs. The Who W:A12, L:B4  
Sat 9:00 am B1. Knockando vs. Who dat, dem? W:B5, L:C1 B2. Geoducks vs. Papa oo mow mow W:B5, L:C2   B3. Sharks vs. Hammerheads W:B6, L:C3 B4. volkernstmeistagans vs. The Who W:B6, L:C4
11:30 am A12. Falcons vs. High Flying Colts W:A14, L:C1 A11. Rockin the House vs. Max's Red Rockets W:A14, L:C2   A10. Crab Crackers vs. Fluffy Bunny W:A13, L:C3 A9. Dosimeters vs. Let it Curl W:A13, L:C4
3:00 pm C3. Crab Crackers vs. Sharks W:C6 C4. Dosimeters vs. volkernstmeistagans W:C6 B5. Knockando vs. Geoducks W:B7 C1. Falcons vs. Who dat, dem? W:C5 C2. Max's Red Rockets vs. Papa oo mow mow W:C5
7:00 pm C5. Falcons vs. Max's Red Rockets W:C7 A13. Let it Curl vs. Fluffy Bunny W:A15 B6. Hammerheads vs. The Who W:B7 A14. Rockin the House vs. High Flying Colts W:A15 C6. Sharks vs. Dosimeters W:C7
Sun 10:00 am   C7. Falcons vs. Dosimeters A15. Let it Curl vs. High Flying Colts B7. Geoducks vs. The Who  

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