Evergreen Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 19-20, 2011 - Completed

Entry fee $200 per Team, $50 per individual, which includes four games for all teams, lunch and dinner Saturday night and a continental breakfast Sunday. There is a 16 (but can increase to 20) team limit so donít delay! This casual bonspiel is designed to provide novice curlers a chance to curl with more experienced players, gain some additional ice time and become exposed to competitive curling. Please note your years or levels of experience, so we have an opportunity to get to know you and match appropriately. To reserve your team or individual entry, please send an email to bonspiels@evergreencurling.org to reserve your spot. Registration forms will be emailed back and a $50 deposit will be required to finalize your spot. Please indicate your position preference 1st/2nd/vice/skip and experience level.

Teams - 20

Team Name From Members W L T
Team Ikegami GCC Kris Ikegami, Isacc Leinweber, Jay Joung Lee, Mitch himelmitch, Thomas Bennett 4 0 0
Team Vukich GCC Sharon Vukich, Miyo Konno, Linda Cornfield, Cathie Tomlinson 4 0 0
Jedi Mind Trick ECC Karissa Kuns, Brian Kuns, Erica Jankowski, Neal Oliver 3 1 0
Team Poon GCC/ECC Thomas Poon, Alaric Sawade, Brian Morris, Anna Mischinger 3 1 0
Team Kattler GCC Dean Kattler, Shauna Kattler, Kevin Stapleton, Brian Beau 3 1 0
Team Fairley ECC Ron Fairley, Karen Fairley, Tom Mcdonald, Eric Toews 2 1 1
The Average Joes ECC Matt McVicar, Sara Rosing, Scott Klinkhammer, Kris Klinkhammer 2 1 1
Team Kamata GCC Jun Kamata, Rob McDade, Lance Relland, Gewndolyn Werra 2 1 1
Team Bradford GCC Ethan Bradford, Lola Bradford, Lori Markham, Abigail Marteny 2 1 1
Team Placek ECC Kathy Placek, Phil Placek, Eleanor Robertson, Yvonne Perceval 2 2 0
Team Iwanick ECC Arnie Iwanick, Courtney Hoffarth, Judith Simpson, Marj Yalowicki 2 2 0
Team Wenatchee WCC Greg Sexton, Roger Carlson, Josh Hartmann, Don Horn 2 2 0
Team Sanderson ECC Christina Sanderson, Neil Naigus, Keith Lafortune, Bill Grey 1 2 1
Team Rimple GCC Chris Rimple, Will Chen, Chris Battey, Stephen Hart 1 2 1
Team Liske ECC Steve Liske, Art Placek, Bruce Joncas, Brian Stark 1 3 0
Team Hill ECC April Hill, Jason Hill, Jeff Hill, Kyle Grist 1 3 0
Team Fox ECC Ryan Fox, Jwo Lee, Will Horsley and Tommy Jones 1 3 0
Team Starr ECC Matt Starr, Gail Starr, Eugene Carroll, Jesse Jimerson 1 3 0
Team Irvin ECC Bruce Irvin, Lily Irvin, Hannah Horten and Maya Horten 0 4 0
Team Maser ECC Joe Maser, Erin Lark, Matt Ackerman, Lyndsay Roselund 0 4 0

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