Seattle Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 10-12, 2011 - Completed

Open Spiel, 32 team limit, Friday night draws at 6:00, 8:15 and 10:30pm

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:00 pm A3. McGrath vs. Zack v2 W:A18, L:B2 A2. Will Chen vs. Thibodeaux W:A17, L:B1 A4. Colin Rittgers vs. Sharon Vukich W:A18, L:B2 A1. Jake Vukich vs. Duane Rutan W:A17, L:B1 A5. Andrew Ernst vs. Rui Nakagawa W:A19, L:B3
8:15 pm A8. Ken Giesbers vs. Sarah Wolfe W:A20, L:B4 A7. Shelby Sweet vs. Windy City Sweepers W:A20, L:B4 A9. King's Court vs. Rob Simpson W:A21, L:B5 A6. C-Squared, c^2 vs. Swanson W:A19, L:B3 A10. Doug Schaak vs. Fearless Finches W:A21, L:B5
10:30 pm A15. Team Aoki vs. Keith Schreiber W:A24, L:B8 A11. Steven Demlow vs. Texas W:A22, L:B6 A14. Dave Longbrake vs. Pahl W:A23, L:B7 A13. Coull vs. David Cornfield W:A23, L:B7 A12. Higgin's Dogs vs. Connolly W:A22, L:B6
Sat 9:00 am B1. Jake Vukich vs. Will Chen W:B9, L:C1 B2. McGrath vs. Colin Rittgers W:B9, L:C2 B3. Rui Nakagawa vs. C-Squared, c^2 W:B10, L:C3 A16. Ethan Bradford vs. Sean Ramsay W:A24, L:B8 B4. Windy City Sweepers vs. Sarah Wolfe W:B10, L:C4
11:15 am B6. Texas vs. Higgin's Dogs W:B11, L:C6 A19. Andrew Ernst vs. Swanson W:A26, L:C6 A17. Duane Rutan vs. Thibodeaux W:A25, L:C8 B5. Rob Simpson vs. Fearless Finches W:B11, L:C5 A18. Zack v2 vs. Sharon Vukich W:A25, L:C7
1:30 pm B7. Coull vs. Pahl W:B12, L:C7 A21. King's Court vs. Doug Schaak W:A27, L:C4 A20. Shelby Sweet vs. Ken Giesbers W:A26, L:C5 A22. Steven Demlow vs. Connolly W:A27, L:C3 B8. Team Aoki vs. Ethan Bradford W:B12, L:C8
3:45 pm A25. Duane Rutan vs. Zack v2 W:A29 A23. David Cornfield vs. Dave Longbrake W:A28, L:C2 A24. Keith Schreiber vs. Sean Ramsay W:A28, L:C1   C6. Andrew Ernst vs. Higgin's Dogs W:C11
6:15 pm C3. Connolly vs. C-Squared, c^2 W:C10 C8. Thibodeaux vs. Team Aoki W:C12 C4. King's Court vs. Windy City Sweepers W:C10 C7. Sharon Vukich vs. Coull W:C12 C5. Ken Giesbers vs. Rob Simpson W:C11
8:30 pm C2. Dave Longbrake vs. McGrath W:C9 C1. Keith Schreiber vs. Will Chen W:C9 A27. Doug Schaak vs. Steven Demlow W:A30 A28. David Cornfield vs. Sean Ramsay W:A30 A26. Swanson vs. Shelby Sweet W:A29
10:45 pm B10. Rui Nakagawa vs. Sarah Wolfe W:B13 B12. Pahl vs. Ethan Bradford W:B14 B11. Fearless Finches vs. Texas W:B14 B9. Jake Vukich vs. Colin Rittgers W:B13 C10. Connolly vs. King's Court W:C13
Sun 8:00 am C11. Rob Simpson vs. Higgin's Dogs W:C14 A30. Steven Demlow vs. David Cornfield W:A31 C12. Sharon Vukich vs. Thibodeaux W:C14 A29. Duane Rutan vs. Swanson W:A31 C9. Keith Schreiber vs. Dave Longbrake W:C13
11:00 am C13. Dave Longbrake vs. King's Court W:C15 C14. Rob Simpson vs. Thibodeaux W:C15 B13. Jake Vukich vs. Rui Nakagawa W:B15 B14. Fearless Finches vs. Pahl W:B15  
2:00 pm   B15. Rui Nakagawa vs. Fearless Finches A31. Duane Rutan vs. Steven Demlow C15. King's Court vs. Thibodeaux