Seattle Cash Spiel

Rules & Information

1)    At least 20 minutes before each game teams should flip a coin with the opposing team.  The team winning the flip will have choice of practice time or rock color. If the opposing team has not arrived by 20 minutes before the game to flip the coin then the team who is present has choice of rocks and earns the right to take hammer in the first end. The team not present forfeits their practice.

2)    USCA rules of play govern play unless noted below.

3)    Games will be 8 ends with extra ends played as necessary.

4)    Each player is allowed two practice rocks up and back before the start of each game, but shall take no longer than 7 minutes. After practice a player shall deliver a Last Stone Draw, which is then measured by the opposing team. The team with the shortest distance has choice to deliver first or second in the 1st end.

5)    Teams may have up to 5 players in this event and those players may play in any order.  A player may not compete on more than one team.

6)    Please keep the speed of the games moving even though we are not using time clocks.  Make sure to post scores promptly after each end.

7)    Each team will be provided a free pitcher of beer or soda. See Brady Clark if your team has not been provided a certificate.

8)    If a rule is in question or needs clarification please talk to any committee member. Those members include Brady Clark, Doug Kauffman and Ken Trask.



Friday Night Dinner

Dinner will be served on Friday night starting at 7 pm at a cost of $5 for anyone interested.  Fixings are being determined, but will include turkey, turkey noodle soup, and brownies.


Spaghetti Dinner – Saturday 

The juniors are hosting a spaghetti dinner on Saturday night from 5 pm to 7 pm with the proceeds being donated to the junior curling program.  Dinner will include spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. Dinner will cost $9 for adults.  The cost will be $5 for children 12 years or younger.  Thank you in advance for support the junior program!


Total Cash Payout ($9,000)

1st - $3,000

2nd -$2,000

3rd/4th- $1,000

5th- 8th - $500