Seattle Cash Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 23-25, 2012 - Completed

The event is a triple KO to get into the final round. Curling Zone Link.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 11:00 am A3. J Montgomery vs. Shelby Sweet W:A10, L:B2 A4. Jody Epp vs. Ryan Flippo W:A10, L:B2 A1. Todd Birr vs. Mike Calcagno W:A9, L:B1 A2. Mark Johnson vs. Eugene Hritzuk W:A9, L:B1  
2:00 pm   A7. Brady Clark vs. Lyle Sieg W:A12, L:B4 A8. Greg Hawkes vs. Dave Manser W:A12, L:B4   A6. Jay Tuson vs. Wes Craig W:A11, L:B3
6:00 pm B1. Mike Calcagno vs. Eugene Hritzuk W:B5, L:C1 A9. Todd Birr vs. Mark Johnson W:A13, L:B7 A10. J Montgomery vs. Jody Epp W:A13, L:B7 B2. Shelby Sweet vs. Ryan Flippo W:B5, L:C1 A5. Jay Wakefield vs. Jake Vukich W:A11, L:B3
9:00 pm B3. Jake Vukich vs. Wes Craig W:B6, L:C2 A11. Jay Wakefield vs. Jay Tuson W:A14, L:B8   B4. Lyle Sieg vs. Dave Manser W:B6, L:C2 A12. Brady Clark vs. Greg Hawkes W:A14, L:B8
Sat 8:00 am   B5. Eugene Hritzuk vs. Ryan Flippo W:B9, L:C5 B8. Jay Tuson vs. Greg Hawkes W:B11, L:C3   B7. Mark Johnson vs. J Montgomery W:B11, L:C4
11:00 am A14. Jay Wakefield vs. Brady Clark W:F4, L:B9 B6. Wes Craig vs. Dave Manser W:B10, L:C5 C1. Mike Calcagno vs. Shelby Sweet W:C3 A13. Todd Birr vs. Jody Epp W:F1, L:B10 C2. Jake Vukich vs. Lyle Sieg W:C4
3:00 pm B11. J Montgomery vs. Jay Tuson W:F3, L:C8   B10. Todd Birr vs. Wes Craig W:F3, L:C6   B9. Brady Clark vs. Eugene Hritzuk W:F2, L:C7
6:00 pm C5. Ryan Flippo vs. Dave Manser W:C8   C4. Mark Johnson vs. Lyle Sieg W:C7   C3. Greg Hawkes vs. Mike Calcagno W:C6
9:30 pm C6. Wes Craig vs. Greg Hawkes W:F4     C7. Brady Clark vs. Lyle Sieg W:F1 C8. Jay Tuson vs. Dave Manser W:F2
Sun 8:00 am F1. Jody Epp vs. Brady Clark W:F5 F4. Jay Wakefield vs. Greg Hawkes W:F6   F2. Eugene Hritzuk vs. Jay Tuson W:F5 F3. Todd Birr vs. J Montgomery W:F6
11:00 am   F5. Brady Clark vs. Eugene Hritzuk W:F7   F6. Todd Birr vs. Greg Hawkes W:F7  
2:00 pm     F7. Brady Clark vs. Todd Birr    

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