Ladies Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 28-29, 2012 - Completed

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:00 am A3. Markham vs. Metzger W:A12, L:B5 A5. McCain vs. McGrath W:A13, L:B3 A2. Richard vs. Ikegami W:A11, L:B4 A4. Owen vs. Copeland W:A12, L:B5 A1. Good vs. Blakey W:A11, L:B4
10:30 am A10. Christian vs. Deaver W:A15, L:B2 A6. Garzina vs. BEEM W:A13, L:B3 A8. Evergreen Ladies vs. Rauliuk W:A14, L:B1 A7. Gale-Seixeiro vs. Terpsma W:A14, L:B1 A9. Melton vs. Doherty W:A15, L:B2
1:00 pm B4. Blakey vs. Ikegami W:B8, L:C2 B5. Markham vs. Owen W:B8, L:C2 A12. Metzger vs. Copeland W:A16, L:C5 A11. Good vs. Richard W:A16, L:C5  
3:30 pm A13. McCain vs. BEEM W:A17, L:C4 A14. Gale-Seixeiro vs. Evergreen Ladies W:A18, L:C4 A15. Melton vs. Christian W:A18, L:C3 B2. Doherty vs. Deaver W:B6, L:C1 B3. McGrath vs. Garzina W:B7, L:C1
7:00 pm B1. Terpsma vs. Rauliuk W:B6, L:C3 A16. Richard vs. Copeland W:A17 C1. Doherty vs. Garzina W:C6 C2. Blakey vs. Markham W:C6 C4. McCain vs. Gale-Seixeiro W:C8
9:30 pm C6. Garzina vs. Markham W:C7 C3. Melton vs. Terpsma W:C7 B6. Rauliuk vs. Deaver W:B7 A18. Evergreen Ladies vs. Christian W:A19 C5. Good vs. Metzger W:C8
Sun 8:30 am C8. McCain vs. Good W:C9 B7. McGrath vs. Rauliuk W:B9 B8. Ikegami vs. Owen W:B9 A17. BEEM vs. Copeland W:A19 C7. Terpsma vs. Garzina W:C9
11:00 am   C9. Garzina vs. Good A19. Copeland vs. Christian B9. Rauliuk vs. Ikegami  

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