25yr & Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 21-22, 2012 - Completed

The total years combined curling experience of all players to be 25 yrs or less. For those who have curled 20+ years, we will count that as 20 in order that you can play in the spiel.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:00 am A3. Jiyoung Lee vs. Bill Rugen W:A12, L:B5 A5. Ius-ful Curlers vs. Richardson W:A13, L:B3 A2. Brian Bleau vs. Steve Lundeen W:A11, L:B4 A4. Sanderson vs. Jun Kamata W:A12, L:B5 A1. Ryan Zack vs. Matt Starr W:A11, L:B4
10:30 am A10. Ray Melton vs. Schaak Attack W:A15, L:B2 A6. Benj Guzman vs. Team Kattler W:A13, L:B3 A8. McTrandarly vs. Joe Roberts W:A14, L:B1 A7. Lohs vs. Michael Lively W:A14, L:B1 A9. Bret Dodson vs. Ken Mabbatt W:A15, L:B2
1:00 pm B4. Matt Starr vs. Steve Lundeen W:B8, L:C2 B5. Jiyoung Lee vs. Sanderson W:B8, L:C2 A12. Bill Rugen vs. Jun Kamata W:A16, L:C5 A11. Ryan Zack vs. Brian Bleau W:A16, L:C5  
3:30 pm A13. Ius-ful Curlers vs. Benj Guzman W:A17, L:C4 A14. Lohs vs. Joe Roberts W:A18, L:C4 A15. Ken Mabbatt vs. Schaak Attack W:A18, L:C3 B2. Bret Dodson vs. Ray Melton W:B6, L:C1 B3. Richardson vs. Team Kattler W:B7, L:C1
7:00 pm B1. Michael Lively vs. McTrandarly W:B6, L:C3 A16. Brian Bleau vs. Bill Rugen W:A17 C1. Ray Melton vs. Richardson W:C6 C2. Matt Starr vs. Sanderson W:C6 C4. Ius-ful Curlers vs. Lohs W:C8
9:30 pm C6. Ray Melton vs. Sanderson W:C7 C3. Ken Mabbatt vs. McTrandarly W:C7 B6. Michael Lively vs. Bret Dodson W:B7 A18. Joe Roberts vs. Schaak Attack W:A19 C5. Ryan Zack vs. Jun Kamata W:C8
Sun 7:00 am C8. Lohs vs. Jun Kamata W:C9 B7. Team Kattler vs. Michael Lively W:B9 B8. Steve Lundeen vs. Jiyoung Lee W:B9 A17. Benj Guzman vs. Bill Rugen W:A19 C7. Ken Mabbatt vs. Ray Melton W:C9
9:30 am   C9. Ken Mabbatt vs. Jun Kamata A19. Benj Guzman vs. Joe Roberts B9. Team Kattler vs. Steve Lundeen  

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