5 & Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 2-3, 2013 - Upcoming

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For those curlers with a combined years of 5 years curling experience or less. This includes years you have curled at other clubs. Individual Sign Ups only as teams will be formed by the spiel chair. Due to this spiel's popularity, the entry fee is due at sign up to secure your spot in this spiel. Theme is hats and mustashes

Teams - 15

Team Name First Game Members
Pool A
A1 - Saturday 8:30 am Chris Rimple, Dale Wick, Dustin Foster, Derek Campbell
A2 - Saturday 8:30 am Jun Kamata, Eric Aderhold, Steven Beach, Mike Blackard
A3 - Saturday 8:30 am Larry Weir, Sue Rodgers, Steven Siden, Matt Guzzardo
A4 - Saturday 8:30 am Michael Eickbush, Erica Raine, Patrick Clarke, Lisa Orchard
A5 - Saturday 9:45 am Philip Placek, Alicia Weitzel, Suzie Bruznell, Greg Sheahan
Pool B
B1 - Saturday 9:45 am Peter Kron, Chrisopher Rehn, Andrew Scherkus, Max Stevens
B2 - Saturday 9:45 am Nick Carter, Laurel Haigh Gore, Jonathan Colwell, Michelle Toi
B3 - Saturday 9:45 am Phil Shryock, Greg Schatzman, Christopher Parsons, Nicholas Beach
B4 - Saturday 8:30 am Ken Giesbers, Abigail Markham, Kalli Foster, Victoria Kirst
B5 - Saturday 8:30 am Kyle Lorvick, Matt Fewins, Chad Hessoun, Will Chen
Pool C
C1 - Saturday 8:30 am Luc Violette, Nate Levin, Jill Jackson, Connor Kauffman
C2 - Saturday 8:30 am Becca Walters, Grant Anthony Carter, Adam Ludwig, Max Sando
C3 - Saturday 8:30 am Mike Mesford, Dean Erikson, Chris Gatenby, Yolanda Carbajal
C4 - Saturday 8:30 am Brian Gore, Jeff Kizner, Andrew Wakeling, Dominic Arico
C5 - Saturday 9:45 am Nikki Lorvick, Charlie Anthe, Jake Yant, Chris Sherry