5 & Under Spiel

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There are fifteen teams divided into three pools of five teams each. Each pool initially plays a round robin so that each team plays four games within the pool. Games are four (4) ends each, with a fifteen minute break between games.


Points for the total of the four games are accumulated and at the end of the first round robin the teams are re-ranked according to their cumulative scores and re-assigned to a new pool. Another round robin of four 4 end games is then played and the points from the second round robin games totaled. Points from the second round robin only determine the winners. There is a winner and a runner-up from each pool of five teams in the second round robin.


Points in the Bonspiel are:


A Win counts as

5 Points

A Tie counts as

2.5 Points for each team

Each end counts as

1 Point for the team winning the end

Each point scored counts as

.25 Point


All games should be completed by playing all four ends - no extra ends to break ties. If the Teams choose not to play the full four ends, the points for all un-played ends are forfeited.


During the first round robin Teams must rotate positions so that each person plays one game at each position. For the Second round robin, teams can determine their own order and maintain it throughout the four final games leading to the prizes.


If, at the end of the second round robin of four games, there are point ties for the top two positions in each pool, the points from the original round robin games are added to the points from the final round robin to break the tie. If this method is unsuccessful, one person on each of the tied teams throws one practice rock and then one counting rock to the circles, with the closest to the button determining the ultimate winner. Sweeping by the other team members is allowed.


All substitutes must be pre-cleared with the Committee at least one-half hour prior to game time. Any substitute must meet the guideline of having curled for five years or less.