7th Annual Man Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 25-27, 2013 - Completed

Cash Prizes, Southern BBQ Supper, Free Food all weekend, Curl BC Region 11 Bonspiel Tour points (50 for each team, plus additional for semi-finalists and better).

$20/team for entry into the Calcutta, payable upon check-in.

Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 7:00 pm A1. Pat's Philly Steaks vs. Heavy Gourmands W:A10, L:B2 A4. Steve Demlow vs. David Aronson W:A9, L:B5 A5. Shirt Heads vs. Galey Guys W:A11, L:B3 A2. Twerkin 4 the weekend vs. Jun Kamata W:A10, L:B2 A3. Team Knievel vs. Jake Vukich W:A13, L:B1
9:30 pm   A7. John Harrison vs. What The Fox? W:A12, L:B4 A6. Guzman vs. Chris Rimple W:A11, L:B4   A8. James Pleasants vs. Doug Kilborn W:A12, L:B3
Sat 9:30 am B3. Shirt Heads vs. Doug Kilborn W:B5, L:C2   A10. Heavy Gourmands vs. Twerkin 4 the weekend W:A15, L:C2 A9. Lyle Sieg vs. Steve Demlow W:A13, L:B1 B2. Pat's Philly Steaks vs. Jun Kamata W:B7, L:C4
12:00 pm A12. What The Fox? vs. James Pleasants W:A14, L:C5     B4. Chris Rimple vs. John Harrison W:B6, L:C4 A11. Galey Guys vs. Guzman W:A14, L:C3
3:30 pm A13. Jake Vukich vs. Steve Demlow W:A15, L:C6 C2. Heavy Gourmands vs. Doug Kilborn W:C6 B1. Team Knievel vs. Lyle Sieg W:B6, L:C3   B5. David Aronson vs. Shirt Heads W:B7, L:C5
6:30 pm C3. Galey Guys vs. Team Knievel W:C7 C5. James Pleasants vs. David Aronson W:C8 C4. Pat's Philly Steaks vs. Chris Rimple W:C7   C6. Jake Vukich vs. Doug Kilborn W:C8
9:00 pm B6. Lyle Sieg vs. John Harrison W:B8 A15. Twerkin 4 the weekend vs. Steve Demlow W:A16 B7. Jun Kamata vs. Shirt Heads W:B8 A14. Guzman vs. What The Fox? W:A16  
Sun 10:00 am   C7. Galey Guys vs. Chris Rimple W:C9 C8. James Pleasants vs. Jake Vukich W:C9    
1:30 pm   B8. Lyle Sieg vs. Shirt Heads A16. What The Fox? vs. Steve Demlow C9. Galey Guys vs. Jake Vukich  

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