25 & Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 1-2, 2014 - Completed

The total years combined curling experience of all players to be 25 yrs or less. For those who have curled 20+ years, we will count that as 20 in order that you can play in the spiel. 20 team maximum. Team signup only. Individuals looking for a team should contact Bill or Lisa Rugen for assistance finding a team to play on.

Teams - 21

Team Name From Members W L Position
Jun Kamata Granite Jun Kamata, Phil Placek, Lance Relland, Mike Eickbush 4 0 Winner
Team 240 GCC Liam Barksdale, Karl Picard, Kendall Behm, Bryan Behm 3 1 Finalist
Rasmussen GCC John Rasmussen, Matt Guzzardo, Christy Wilhelmy, Connor Kauffman 4 1 B Event Winner
Roant Burgen gcc william rugen, todd schultz, grant carter, robi singh 4 1 C Event Winner
Megan Goodenkauf GCC Megan Goodenkauf, Stephen Grant, Ken Mabbatt, Mike Motley 3 1 A Event Semi-Finalist
Shirt Heads GCC Nickname, Cobs 2 1 A Event Semi-Finalist
Ice Monkeys Granite Temple El Guz, Awesome Jason, Abs Dan, Abs Mark 2 2 B Event Finalist
Reynolds Denver Justin Boshoven, Billy Reynolds, Mat Holmes, Phil Harris 3 2 C Event Finalist
Ethan Owens GCC Ethan Owens, Bret Dodson, Jennie Dodson, Beth Chmelik 2 1  
Holstein Treat GCC Max Stevens, Brian Gore, Chris Parsons, Greg Schatzman 2 2  
Shaferlicious Granite CC Shaferlicious 0 0  
LOHS GCC Becca Walters, Chad Hessoun, Michelle Toi, Meghan Nelson 1 2  
Brian Morris Where else, Granite? Brian Morris, David Debois, Chris Rusnak, Elizabeth Rusnak 1 2  
25 & Under the Table GCC Josh Freedman, Charlie Anthe, Laurel Haigh Gore, Jeremy Dinsel 1 2  
Chicken Bumps GCC Kris Ikegami, John Ikegami, Yiyoung Lee, Thomas Lee 1 2  
Plan B GCC Larry Weir, Ben Leinweber, Tomoko Leinweber, Dave Leinweber 2 3  
Sticky bean 72 Granite Sticky bean 72, Harry Saylor, Dominic Arico, Trevor Skelton 1 2  
Matt Starr Evergreen Curling Club Matt Starr, Gail Starr, Brian Starr, SethNiesen 1 3  
The Generation Gaps GCC Ethan Bradford, Lola Bradford, Rob McDade, Heidi McDade, Ryan McDade 0 3  
Not Olympic Material Granite James Sullivan, Ryan Bowering, Adam Stainiger, Aubrey Bordyn 0 3  
Chris Sherry Granite Chris Sherry, Phil Shyrock, Yolanda Carbajal, Will Chen, Molly McCarthy 0 3  

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