Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 12-14, 2015 - Completed


Open Spiel, Team signup only. Individuals looking for a team should contact the spiel coordinator for assistance finding a team. 34 team maximum.

Theme: GCC Open (Golf)

It's summer and this years theme is Golf! With the US Open being in the Seattle metro area for the first time, ever, that same week, GCC wanted to get in the golfing spirit! We want to see your foursomes wearing knickers, argyle sweaters, maybe some John Daly Loudmouth pants, or whatever your favorite golfing style is.

Teams - 34

Team Name From Members W L Position
Wes Craig Kerry Park/Prague Wes Craig, Karolina Frederiksen, Sune Frederiksen, Roselyn Craig 5 0 Winner
Fun Brazilians :-) Royal City Curling Club Isis Oliveira, Craig Lightbody, MC (Marcio Cerquinho), Marcio TM 4 1 Finalist
David Wiesen SF Bay Area David Wiesen, Westin Kurlancheek, Mike Greenberg, Kim Chapin 4 1 B Winner
Derrick McLean GCC Derrick McLean, Jillian Walker, Ian McLean, Scott McLean 5 1 C Winner
Duane Rutan Evergreen Granite Duane Rutan, Jim Smoltz, Andy Karsnia, Uncle Minnesota Smoltz, Jeremy Dinsel, TBD 5 1 Third
Andrew Merlin Madison ,Wisconsin andrew Merlin, Walt Erbach, Andrew Baraniak, Michael Graf 3 2 Semifinalist
Four Under Par-sons Granite Christopher Parsons, Yolanda Carbajal, Phil Shryock, Dana Parsons 3 2 B Finalist
Jun Kamata Granite / Evergreen Jun Kamata, Mike Eickbush, Lance Relland, Aaron Thompson 4 2 C Finalist
The Harry Gilmores Granite Harry Saylor, Charlie Smith, David Booth, Nick Connolly 2 1  
Van Osch Nanaimo Curling Club Kesa Van Osch, Kalia Van Osch, Shawna Jensen, Carley St. Blaze, Marika Van Osch 2 1  
Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman Granite Greg Schatzman, John Maino, Nicole Samson, Brittney Bollay 3 2  
Luc Violette GCC Luc Violette, Cora Farrell, Benjamin Richardson, Cait Flannery 2 1  
Hanson Boise Curling Club Rob Hanson, Russ Benson, Jared Belsher, Vince Carlson 3 2  
Sharon Vukich Granite Sharon Vukich 3 3  
Bushwood CC Granite Stephen Grant, Peter Sommer, Megan Goodenkauf, Gina Triolo 2 2  
The Mulligans Granite CC Stuart Beck, Steve Lundeen, Ethan Bradford, Mike Blackard 2 2  
Pheasant Pluckers Boise/ParkCity/Evergreen Jeff Salmons, Doug Schmucker, Jim Malloy, Erin Groon 2 2  
The Tribe DFW Curling Club Jason Hotra, David Morris, Grant Morris, Steve Owen 2 2  
Arizona Coyotes Curling Club Darryl Horsman, Michael Siggins, David Rock, Eric Kowal 1 2  
Lisa Tamura Evergreen CC Lisa Tamura, Kris Klinkhammer, Josh Engle, Adam Seymour 1 2  
Mad Max Beyond ThunderTodd Granite Todd Schultz, Max Sando, Max Stevens, Max Leitner 1 2  
Mary Melton Belfast Curling Club Mary Melton, Kara McBroom, Jennie Dodson, Jeanne Larson 1 2  
Leeanne Chandler Columbus Curling Club Michael Pintar, Adam Huffman, Erin Huffman, Leeanne Chandler 1 2  
Rachaelle Grimsrud Boise Curling Club Rachaelle Grimsrud, Phillip Grimsrud, Carolynn Grosh, Tim Finkbeiner 1 2  
Boardrock Empire Plainfield C.C. Stacy Pechter (SKIP), Robb Young (VICE), Chris Sherry (SECOND), Maria Tursi (LEAD) 1 2  
Trouble in the Hack Chilliwack Stephen Strathdee, Leisa Munro, Kandace Loewen, Greg Loewen 1 3  
The Prospects NSWC Ted Medisky, Jody Rossi, Sue Callahan, Rob Callahan 1 3  
Ray Melton Belfast Curling Club Ray Melton, Bret Dodson, Cindy McCain, Ken Giesbers 0 3  
Cal-Berkeley SFBACC Joseph Tang, Dylan Smith, Craig Hiller, Richmond Wong 0 3  
Nikki Lorvick Granite Nikki Lorvick, Arianna Rauliuk, Abby Marteny, Polly Harrington 0 3  
Miranda Vegas Curling Miranda Heaslip, Brad, Cory, Phoebe 0 3  
Who's Your Caddy? Granite CC Kevin Hurley, Brian Stark, Marc Heileson, Monique Heileson 0 3  
The Homeless Curlers NSWC Dan Burch, Carol Honeyman, Ian Chang, Glenna Wallace 0 3  

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