Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 12-14, 2015 - Completed


Open Spiel, Team signup only. Individuals looking for a team should contact the spiel coordinator for assistance finding a team. 34 team maximum.

Theme: GCC Open (Golf)

It's summer and this years theme is Golf! With the US Open being in the Seattle metro area for the first time, ever, that same week, GCC wanted to get in the golfing spirit! We want to see your foursomes wearing knickers, argyle sweaters, maybe some John Daly Loudmouth pants, or whatever your favorite golfing style is.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:00 pm A1. Bushwood CC vs. Rachaelle Grimsrud W:A18, L:B1 A3. Who's Your Caddy? vs. Andrew Merlin W:A19, L:B2 A2. Luc Violette vs. Miranda W:A18, L:B1 A5. Wes Craig vs. The Prospects W:A20, L:B3 A4. Mad Max Beyond ThunderTodd vs. Pheasant Pluckers W:A19, L:B2
8:15 pm A7. Leeanne Chandler vs. Mary Melton W:A22, L:B4 A8. Ray Melton vs. Van Osch W:A22, L:B4 A10. The Tribe vs. Nikki Lorvick W:A21, L:B12 A6. The Mulligans vs. Four Under Par-sons W:A20, L:B3 A9. Lisa Tamura vs. Duane Rutan W:A21, L:B7
10:30 pm A14. The Homeless Curlers vs. Arizona W:A25, L:B6 A12. Boardrock Empire vs. Hanson W:A24, L:B5 A15. David Wiesen vs. MIKE FREEMAN W:A25, L:B6 A11. Jun Kamata vs. Cal-Berkeley W:A23, L:B7 A13. Trouble in the Hack vs. Fun Brazilians :-) W:A24, L:B5
Sat 8:00 am B3. The Prospects vs. Four Under Par-sons W:B10, L:C3 B1. Rachaelle Grimsrud vs. Miranda W:B9, L:C1 A16. Sharon Vukich vs. Derrick McLean W:A26, L:B8 B2. Who's Your Caddy? vs. Pheasant Pluckers W:B9, L:C2 A17. The Harry Gilmores vs. Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman W:A23, L:B8
10:15 am A19. Andrew Merlin vs. Mad Max Beyond ThunderTodd W:A27, L:C6 A21. Duane Rutan vs. The Tribe W:A26, L:C1 A20. Wes Craig vs. The Mulligans W:A28, L:C6 B4. Leeanne Chandler vs. Ray Melton W:B10, L:C9 A18. Bushwood CC vs. Luc Violette W:A27, L:C7
12:30 pm A24. Hanson vs. Fun Brazilians :-) W:A29, L:C4 A23. Jun Kamata vs. The Harry Gilmores W:A30, L:C2 A22. Mary Melton vs. Van Osch W:A28, L:C5 B8. Sharon Vukich vs. Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman W:B12, L:C9 A25. Arizona vs. MIKE FREEMAN W:A29, L:C3
2:45 pm A26. Derrick McLean vs. Duane Rutan W:A30, L:C5 B7. Lisa Tamura vs. Cal-Berkeley W:B14, L:C7 B5. Boardrock Empire vs. Trouble in the Hack W:B11, L:C8   B6. The Homeless Curlers vs. David Wiesen W:B11, L:C8
5:00 pm C9. Ray Melton vs. Sharon Vukich W:C13 C6. Mad Max Beyond ThunderTodd vs. The Mulligans W:C12 C3. Arizona vs. The Prospects W:C11 C1. The Tribe vs. Miranda W:C10 B12. Nikki Lorvick vs. Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman W:B14, L:C4
7:15 pm C7. Bushwood CC vs. Cal-Berkeley W:C15 A27. Luc Violette vs. Andrew Merlin W:A31 C2. Jun Kamata vs. Who's Your Caddy? W:C10 C8. Trouble in the Hack vs. The Homeless Curlers W:C13 A28. Wes Craig vs. Van Osch W:A31
9:30 pm B9. Rachaelle Grimsrud vs. Pheasant Pluckers W:B13 C5. Mary Melton vs. Derrick McLean W:C12 C4. Hanson vs. Nikki Lorvick W:C11 A29. Fun Brazilians :-) vs. MIKE FREEMAN W:A32 B10. Four Under Par-sons vs. Leeanne Chandler W:B13
11:45 pm B11. Boardrock Empire vs. David Wiesen W:B15 C13. Sharon Vukich vs. Trouble in the Hack W:C15 B14. Lisa Tamura vs. Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman W:B15 A30. The Harry Gilmores vs. Duane Rutan W:A32 C10. The Tribe vs. Jun Kamata W:C14
Sun 9:00 am C12. The Mulligans vs. Derrick McLean W:C16 C11. The Prospects vs. Hanson W:C14 C15. Bushwood CC vs. Sharon Vukich W:C16 A31. Andrew Merlin vs. Wes Craig W:A33, L:A34  
11:30 am C14. Jun Kamata vs. Hanson W:C17 A32. Fun Brazilians :-) vs. Duane Rutan W:A33, L:A34 B13. Pheasant Pluckers vs. Four Under Par-sons W:B16 B15. David Wiesen vs. Birdies Bogeys Beer and Schatzman W:B16 C16. Derrick McLean vs. Sharon Vukich W:C17
2:00 pm   B16. Four Under Par-sons vs. David Wiesen A33. Wes Craig vs. Fun Brazilians :-) C17. Jun Kamata vs. Derrick McLean A34. Andrew Merlin vs. Duane Rutan

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