25 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 4-5, 2017 - Completed

Limit 16 Teams. The combined years of experience for each team can not exceed 25 years. For each individual it's the years completed. So someone who started this year counts as 0. If you have more than 20 years experience then you always count as 20, and plan to find some new curlers to curl with. Questions? Email bonspiels@curlingseattle.org.

Teams - 12

Team Name From Members W L
Lawery's Seasoning Salt 7 9
In It To Win It GCC John Rasmussen, Stephen Grant, Yolanda Carbajal, Gina Triolo 3 1
Canadian Invaders Triangle/Gold River/Nanaimo Marc Audy, Lindsey Larre, Stephen Larre, Aaron Kirkbride 2 2
Team Whatever GCC Michael Taylor, Alex Kenesson, Ethan Bradford, Ryan Demopoulos 2 2
Four Course Supper GCC Brian T. Stark, Monique Heileson, Kevin Hurley, Marc Heileson 0 4
Parsley 7 6
In It To Win It 2: The Winninging GCC Harry Saylor, Liam Barksdale, Michael Towillis, Connor Kauffman 3 0
Price GCC Ashleigh Price, Ari Krasik, Chris Wolf, Stef Wolf 2 1
Bowling is Better GCC Max Stevens, Brian Gore, Chris Parsons, Phil Shryock 1 2
Hester Granite Chris Hester, Sheila Mariano, Ken Giesbers, Tim Eng 1 3
Sage 8 7
Miyo Konno GCC Miyo Konno, Charlie Anthe, Aryn Grause, Jordan Williams 4 0
Nikki Lorvick Granite Nikki Lorvick, Arianna Rauliuk, Polly Harrington, Abi Marteny 3 1
Subby McSingletons GCC Bret Dodson, Bowen Zheng, Josh Brown, Peter Kron 1 3
In It To Win It 3: 50 Wins Darker GCC Lisa Rugen, Robi Singh, Brent Campbell, Derek Ristau 0 3

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