Seattle April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

April 6-9, 2017 - Completed


Open Spiel, 4 game guarantee, 56 team maximum. Largest Spiel of the season, not to be missed!!! Entry fee due by March 10th. All teams must be able to start at 11am on Friday.


This year's theme is.the ROARING 20s!. Prohibition, Jazz, Gambling and an around the clock party! So sign up now and put on your fancy flapper duds and make sure the tax men don't catch you sneaking into the Speak Easy.

Winning team in bold. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Thu 6:30 pm A3. Four-Flushers vs. Rockappella W:A24, L:B2 A4. Team Gin vs. Five Points Gang W:A24, L:B2 A5. Bathtub Gin vs. The Roaring Thomas W:A25, L:B3 A1. The Bums Rush vs. Cat's Pajamas W:A23, L:B1 A2. The Unmentionables vs. The Rock-a-Fellas W:A23, L:B1
8:45 pm A6. 3B Bootleggers vs. Shelby Sweet W:A25, L:B3 A7. Fire and Broomstones vs. Silent but Deadly W:A26, L:B4 A9. Frozen Four vs. Ken Mabbatt W:A27, L:B5 A8. Demlow vs. Team Temperance W:A26, L:B4 A10. Zozzled* (5-1) vs. The Sweep-easies W:A27, L:B5
Fri 3:00 pm A13. Abbotsford Heaters vs. The Great Schatzby W:A29, L:B7 A11. Saloon-Keepers Rebellion vs. Enablers W:A28, L:B6 A15. 23 Skidoo vs. Space Mead Prohibited W:A30, L:B8 A14. Capones Rum Runner vs. Capone's Accountants W:A29, L:B7 A12. South Side Gang vs. Moonshiners W:A28, L:B6
5:00 pm A17. Exploding Stills vs. Stroker Brothers W:A31, L:B9 A19. Kendall Jessiman vs. Curliot Ness W:A32, L:B10 A16. The Coneys vs. Ballmer Peak W:A30, L:B8 A20. Mary Melton vs. Team 43 W:A32, L:B10 A18. Untouchables vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A31, L:B9
7:00 pm A23. Cat's Pajamas vs. The Rock-a-Fellas W:A33, L:C1 A25. Bathtub Gin vs. 3B Bootleggers W:A34, L:C2 A21. Mike Freeman vs. Twenty-first Amendment W:A36, L:B11 A22. Team Picante vs. The Bee's Knees W:A36, L:B11 A24. Rockappella vs. Five Points Gang W:A33, L:C1
9:00 pm A28. Saloon-Keepers Rebellion vs. South Side Gang W:A35, L:C3 A30. Space Mead Prohibited vs. The Coneys W:A39, L:C4 A26. Silent but Deadly vs. Demlow W:A34, L:C2 A27. Ken Mabbatt vs. Zozzled* (5-1) W:A38, L:C3 A29. The Great Schatzby vs. Capone's Accountants W:A35, L:C4
11:00 pm B5. Frozen Four vs. The Sweep-easies W:B17, L:C7 B1. The Bums Rush vs. The Unmentionables W:B12, L:C8 B2. Four-Flushers vs. Team Gin W:B12, L:C6 B3. The Roaring Thomas vs. Shelby Sweet W:B13, L:C8 B4. Fire and Broomstones vs. Team Temperance W:B13, L:C7
Sat 1:00 am B10. Curliot Ness vs. Team 43 W:B16, L:C11 B8. 23 Skidoo vs. Ballmer Peak W:B15, L:C10 B9. Exploding Stills vs. Untouchables W:B15, L:C10 B6. Enablers vs. Moonshiners W:B14, L:C9 B7. Abbotsford Heaters vs. Capones Rum Runner W:B14, L:C9
7:00 am B11. Twenty-first Amendment vs. The Bee's Knees W:B16, L:C11 A31. Stroker Brothers vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A39, L:C5 B13. Shelby Sweet vs. Team Temperance W:B19, L:D6 B12. The Bums Rush vs. Four-Flushers W:B19, L:D9 A32. Kendall Jessiman vs. Mary Melton W:A40, L:C5
9:00 am B14. Moonshiners vs. Abbotsford Heaters W:B17, L:D4 C1. The Rock-a-Fellas vs. Five Points Gang W:C12, L:D11 A33. Cat's Pajamas vs. Rockappella W:A37, L:D7 A35. Saloon-Keepers Rebellion vs. The Great Schatzby W:A38, L:D2 A36. Mike Freeman vs. Team Picante W:A40, L:C6
11:00 am C2. 3B Bootleggers vs. Silent but Deadly W:C12, L:D1 B16. Curliot Ness vs. Twenty-first Amendment W:B18, L:D11 C3. Ken Mabbatt vs. South Side Gang W:C13, L:D8 B15. Ballmer Peak vs. Exploding Stills W:B18, L:D5 A34. Bathtub Gin vs. Demlow W:A37, L:D8
1:00 pm C4. Capone's Accountants vs. Space Mead Prohibited W:C13, L:D9 B17. Frozen Four vs. Abbotsford Heaters W:B20, L:D10 C11. Team 43 vs. The Bee's Knees W:C16, L:D5 C6. Team Picante vs. Team Gin W:C14, L:D2 C10. 23 Skidoo vs. Untouchables W:C16, L:D6
3:00 pm A39. The Coneys vs. Ron Bilodeau W:A42, L:D1 C9. Enablers vs. Capones Rum Runner W:C15, L:D7 C8. The Unmentionables vs. The Roaring Thomas W:C15, L:D10 C7. Fire and Broomstones vs. The Sweep-easies W:C14, L:D3 A38. Zozzled* (5-1) vs. The Great Schatzby W:A41, L:D14
6:00 pm D6. Team Temperance vs. 23 Skidoo W:D15 A40. Kendall Jessiman vs. Mike Freeman W:A42, L:D3 D2. Saloon-Keepers Rebellion vs. Team Gin W:D12 C5. Stroker Brothers vs. Mary Melton W:C17, L:D4 D5. Ballmer Peak vs. Team 43 W:D14
8:00 pm D7. Cat's Pajamas vs. Enablers W:D15 D8. Demlow vs. Ken Mabbatt W:D16 D11. Curliot Ness vs. The Rock-a-Fellas W:D17 D10. Frozen Four vs. The Roaring Thomas W:D17 D9. Four-Flushers vs. Space Mead Prohibited W:D16
10:00 pm C15. The Unmentionables vs. Capones Rum Runner W:C18 C14. Team Picante vs. Fire and Broomstones W:C17 D3. Kendall Jessiman vs. The Sweep-easies W:D13 C16. Untouchables vs. The Bee's Knees W:C18 D1. The Coneys vs. Silent but Deadly W:D12
Sun 12:00 am D14. The Great Schatzby vs. Ballmer Peak W:D18 D4. Moonshiners vs. Stroker Brothers W:D13 D16. Ken Mabbatt vs. Space Mead Prohibited W:D19 D15. Team Temperance vs. Cat's Pajamas W:D18 D17. Frozen Four vs. The Rock-a-Fellas W:D19
7:00 am B18. Exploding Stills vs. Twenty-first Amendment W:B20 D12. Silent but Deadly vs. Saloon-Keepers Rebellion W:D20 C12. Five Points Gang vs. 3B Bootleggers W:C19 A37. Rockappella vs. Bathtub Gin W:A41 C13. South Side Gang vs. Capone's Accountants W:C19
9:00 am C17. Mary Melton vs. Fire and Broomstones W:C20 C18. Capones Rum Runner vs. Untouchables W:C20 D18. Ballmer Peak vs. Cat's Pajamas W:D21 D19. Space Mead Prohibited vs. The Rock-a-Fellas W:D21 D13. The Sweep-easies vs. Moonshiners W:D20
11:00 am B19. The Bums Rush vs. Shelby Sweet W:B21 A41. Bathtub Gin vs. Zozzled* (5-1) W:A43 B20. Abbotsford Heaters vs. Twenty-first Amendment W:B21 A42. Ron Bilodeau vs. Mike Freeman W:A43  
1:00 pm   C19. Five Points Gang vs. Capone's Accountants W:C21 C20. Fire and Broomstones vs. Untouchables W:C21 D20. Silent but Deadly vs. Moonshiners W:D22 D21. Ballmer Peak vs. Space Mead Prohibited W:D22
3:30 pm D22. Silent but Deadly vs. Space Mead Prohibited B21. Shelby Sweet vs. Abbotsford Heaters A43. Zozzled* (5-1) vs. Ron Bilodeau C21. Capone's Accountants vs. Untouchables  

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