Lupus Pro-Am Bonspiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 2-4, 2018 - Completed

Lupus Pro-Am Bonspiel

This is a fundraiser for the Lupus Research Foundation (LRF), Signup and get a celebrity skip. Olympic, World, and 4 time Canadian Champion Kevin Martin is hosting host two curling clinics.
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Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 7:00 pm 102. Bond vs. R. Birr W:107, L:203 103. T. Birr vs. Clark W:108, L:206 104. Nixon vs. Trask W:108, L:206 105. Kauffman vs. Rutan W:109, L:207 106. Way vs. Clawson W:109, L:207
9:15 pm 101. Kleibrink vs. Violette W:107, L:203 112. Pleasants vs. Galey/Seig W:117, L:201 113. Larway vs. Ryan W:118, L:202 114. Vukich vs. Maxie W:118, L:202 111. McAuley vs. Schultz W:117, L:201
Sat 8:00 am 109. Way vs. Kauffman W:116, L:303 207. Rutan vs. Clawson W:209, L:302 110. Lehto vs. Walsh W:116, L:205 108. T. Birr vs. Trask W:115, L:302 206. Clark vs. Nixon W:209, L:303
10:15 am 201. McAuley vs. Galey/Seig W:204, L:305 202. Larway vs. Vukich W:204, L:301 203. Kleibrink vs. Bond W:205, L:306 107. Violette vs. R. Birr W:115, L:301 118. Ryan vs. Maxie W:120, L:305
12:30 pm Scrape
1:30 pm 117. Schultz vs. Pleasants W:120, L:304 116. Kauffman vs. Lehto W:119, L:306 209. Nixon vs. Rutan W:210 303. Way vs. Clark W:308 302. Trask vs. Clawson W:307
3:45 pm 301. R. Birr vs. Vukich W:307 115. Violette vs. T. Birr W:119 305. Maxie vs. McAuley W:309 205. Walsh vs. Bond W:208, L:304 204. Galey/Seig vs. Larway W:208
5:30 pm Happy Hour
7:00 pm Banquet
Sun 9:30 am 208. Larway vs. Walsh W:210 120. Schultz vs. Ryan W:121 304. Pleasants vs. Bond W:308 119. T. Birr vs. Lehto W:121 306. Kauffman vs. Kleibrink W:309
12:00 pm 309. McAuley vs. Kauffman 307. R. Birr vs. Trask 121. Lehto vs. Schultz 210. Larway vs. Nixon 308. Way vs. Pleasants

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