25 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 10-11, 2018 - In Progress

4 player teams. Combined experience must total 25 years of play or less. All members max out at 15 years. (example if I have 25 years of experience myself I would only count for 15 years on the team) If one of your team members is in their first season (spring does not count) you will receive an extra pitcher of beer.

Winning team in bold. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:30 am     A2. Miranda heaslip vs. Arnie Iwanick W:A8, L:B1 A1. Team Stark vs. Chris Cross Applesauce. W:A11, L:B2 A3. Right Foot Forward vs. Half Hosers W:A8, L:B1
11:30 am A6. Gold Foil Experiment vs. Schultz W:A10, L:B3 A7. Cohen vs. Nikki Lorvick W:A10, L:B3 A5. Melissa Metzger vs. Kauffman (the other one) W:A9, L:B4 B1. Arnie Iwanick vs. Half Hosers W:B4, L:C3 A4. Sando vs. Katie Kauffman W:A9, L:B2
3:00 pm A9. Sando vs. Kauffman (the other one) W:A12, L:C1 B2. Team Stark vs. Katie Kauffman W:B5, L:C2 A10. Gold Foil Experiment vs. Cohen W:A12, L:C1 A8. Miranda heaslip vs. Right Foot Forward W:A11, L:C4 B3. Schultz vs. Nikki Lorvick W:B5, L:C2
7:00 pm A11. Chris Cross Applesauce. vs. Right Foot Forward W:A13, L:A14 C1. Sando vs. Cohen W:C3 C2. Katie Kauffman vs. Schultz W:C4 A12. Kauffman (the other one) vs. Gold Foil Experiment W:A13, L:A14  
9:30 pm   B4. Melissa Metzger vs. Arnie Iwanick W:B6, L:B7 B5. Team Stark vs. Nikki Lorvick W:B6, L:B7    
Sun 9:00 am   C4. Miranda heaslip vs. Katie Kauffman W:C5 C3. Half Hosers vs. Cohen W:C5    
11:45 am B6. Arnie Iwanick vs. Nikki Lorvick A13. Right Foot Forward vs. Kauffman (the other one) A14. Chris Cross Applesauce. vs. Gold Foil Experiment B7. Melissa Metzger vs. Team Stark C5. Cohen vs. Miranda heaslip

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