25 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 10-11, 2018 - In Progress

4 player teams. Combined experience must total 25 years of play or less. All members max out at 15 years. (example if I have 25 years of experience myself I would only count for 15 years on the team) If one of your team members is in their first season (spring does not count) you will receive an extra pitcher of beer.

Teams - 14

Team Name From Members W L Position
Kauffman (the other one) Granite Doug Kauffman, Connor Kauffman, Melanie Zahn, Kathy Justice 4 0 Winner
Right Foot Forward Granite CC Shelby Sweet, Jordan Williams, Richard Palmason, Megan Goodenkauf 3 1 Finalist
Chris Cross Applesauce. GCC Dammit! Bill Rugen, Chris Sherry, Andy Gilstrap 1 1 SemiFinalist
Nikki Lorvick Granite Nikki Lorvick, Arianna Rauliuk, Eric Whilden, Aaron Thompson 3 1 B Winner
Gold Foil Experiment Evergreen CC Margee Will, Kevin Rutherford, Melissa Aaron, Melissa Rutherford 2 1 A SemiFinalist
Arnie Iwanick Evergreen CC Arnie Iwanick, Casey Morley, Lehua Morley, TBD 2 2 B Finalist
Team Stark GCC Brian Stark, Jeff Pearson, Kevin Hurley, Chad Johnson 2 2 B Third
Miranda heaslip Gcc Miranda heaslip, Alex, Bowen, Mitchell Hymowitz 3 1 C Winner
Cohen Granite Ramy Cohen, Alan Barkley, Billy Duss, Chris Rimple 3 2 C Finalist
Sando Granite Max Sando, Pat Sweet, Ryan Grey, Kurt Kramer 1 2  
Katie Kauffman GCC Katie Kauffman, Jeff Jorgensen, Ashleigh Price, Mike Taylor 1 3  
Half Hosers Granite Curling Club Jeffrey Peplinski, Matthew 0 3  
Melissa Metzger Granite Melissa Metzger, Cindy Ward, Steve Beach, Gretchen Galuska 0 3  
Schultz GCC Jessica Schultz, Todd Schultz, Sasha Westerfield, Jim Steck 0 3  

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