Summer Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

June 7-9, 2019 - Completed

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 5:00 pm A7. Justin Boshoven vs. Daniel Simon W:A24, L:C3 A1. Brandon Wolf vs. Zheng W:A21, L:C1 A9. YOG team vs. Roberts W:A25, L:C5 A8. Not Ideal vs. BC/Cape Breton W:A24, L:C3 A2. Fun Times vs. SynchronizedSwimmers W:A21, L:C1
7:00 pm A3. Luckiest Generation vs. Cramer W:A22, L:C10 A5. Curl Runnings vs. Tan Tan W:A23, L:C8 A13. Chinese Taipei 1 vs. The Californians W:A27, L:C4 A4. Kenlan vs. Close Encounters W:A22, L:C10 A6. Jennifer Saltman vs. Hole in the Wall Gang W:A23, L:C8
9:30 pm A10. Whilden vs. Greenlaw W:A25, L:C5 A15. Tobin vs. Oren Samuel W:A28, L:C2 A17. Alex vs. Watson W:A29, L:C9 A16. Chinese Taipei 2 vs. Schweddy Rocks W:A28, L:C2 A14. Krienke vs. I Didn't Order Takeout W:A27, L:C4
11:30 pm A18. Trebek's Mother vs. Jim. Smoltz W:A29, L:C9 A19. Cohen vs. Sweepless in Seattle W:A30, L:C6 A11. Greyhound Gang vs. Killer Bees W:A26, L:C7 A20. Chris Sherry Oteri vs. The Wootan Clan W:A30, L:C6 A12. In a Pickle vs. Grimmy Grin Grin W:A26, L:C7
Sat 5:00 am Sat AM Scrape
7:00 am C1. Brandon Wolf vs. SynchronizedSwimmers W:C11, L:D1 C5. Roberts vs. Greenlaw W:C13, L:D3 C3. Daniel Simon vs. BC/Cape Breton W:C12, L:D2 C4. The Californians vs. Krienke W:C12, L:D2 C2. Oren Samuel vs. Chinese Taipei 2 W:C11, L:D1
9:00 am C6. Sweepless in Seattle vs. Chris Sherry Oteri W:C13, L:D3 C10. Cramer vs. Close Encounters W:C15, L:D5 C8. Curl Runnings vs. Jennifer Saltman W:C14, L:D4 C7. Killer Bees vs. Grimmy Grin Grin W:C14, L:D4 C9. Alex vs. Trebek's Mother W:C15, L:D5
11:30 am A23. Tan Tan vs. Hole in the Wall Gang W:A31, L:B4 A27. Chinese Taipei 1 vs. I Didn't Order Takeout W:A32, L:B2 A22. Luckiest Generation vs. Kenlan W:A31, L:B5 A21. Zheng vs. Fun Times W:A33, L:B1 A28. Tobin vs. Schweddy Rocks W:A32, L:B1
1:30 pm A26. Greyhound Gang vs. In a Pickle W:A35, L:B4 A25. YOG team vs. Whilden W:A34, L:B3 A30. Cohen vs. The Wootan Clan W:A36, L:B3 A29. Watson vs. Jim. Smoltz W:A36, L:B5 A24. Justin Boshoven vs. Not Ideal W:A34, L:B2
4:00 pm A32. I Didn't Order Takeout vs. Schweddy Rocks W:A35   B2. Justin Boshoven vs. Chinese Taipei 1 W:B6 A31. Luckiest Generation vs. Hole in the Wall Gang W:A33 C12. BC/Cape Breton vs. The Californians W:C16
6:00 pm Dinner/Sat PM Scrape
8:00 pm B5. Kenlan vs. Jim. Smoltz W:B8 A36. Watson vs. The Wootan Clan W:A38 B1. Zheng vs. Tobin W:B7 B4. Tan Tan vs. Greyhound Gang W:B8 B3. Whilden vs. Cohen W:B6
10:00 pm A33. Fun Times vs. Hole in the Wall Gang W:A37 A35. In a Pickle vs. Schweddy Rocks W:A38 C11. Brandon Wolf vs. Oren Samuel W:C17 A34. Not Ideal vs. YOG team W:A37 C13. Roberts vs. Chris Sherry Oteri W:C16
Sun 12:30 am C14. Grimmy Grin Grin vs. Curl Runnings W:C18 D2. Daniel Simon vs. Krienke W:D6 D3. Greenlaw vs. Sweepless in Seattle W:D6 B6. Chinese Taipei 1 vs. Cohen W:B7  
5:00 am Sun Scrape
7:00 am C15. Alex vs. Cramer W:C18 D4. Killer Bees vs. Jennifer Saltman W:D8 C16. The Californians vs. Chris Sherry Oteri W:C17 D5. Trebek's Mother vs. Close Encounters W:D8 D1. SynchronizedSwimmers vs. Chinese Taipei 2 W:D7
9:00 am B7. Tobin vs. Chinese Taipei 1 W:B9 A37. Fun Times vs. YOG team W:A39 B8. Tan Tan vs. Jim. Smoltz W:B9 A38. Schweddy Rocks vs. The Wootan Clan W:A39 D6. Daniel Simon vs. Greenlaw W:D7
11:30 am   C17. Oren Samuel vs. Chris Sherry Oteri W:C19 C18. Grimmy Grin Grin vs. Cramer W:C19 D7. SynchronizedSwimmers vs. Greenlaw W:D9 D8. Killer Bees vs. Trebek's Mother W:D9
2:00 pm D9. Greenlaw vs. Trebek's Mother B9. Chinese Taipei 1 vs. Tan Tan A39. Fun Times vs. The Wootan Clan C19. Chris Sherry Oteri vs. Grimmy Grin Grin  

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