Knock the Dust Off

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 8-10, 2019 - In Planning

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Sign up as an individual. Teams will be formed by the bonspiel organizers to be of roughly balanced strength. You can request teammates when signing up, but not all requests can be granted.

This event has an individual entry fee of $50. Sign-up for this event

Individual Entries - 61

Aj Joshi
Mary Holmes
Cheryl McGuire
Kurt Stine
Jill Jackson
Neal Digre
Eric Kulcyk
James Cramer
Lydia Ansari
Mike Taylor
Bowen Zheng
Alecia Burke
Andrew Tobin
Katie Moran
Adam DeConinck
Jeff Bell
Chris/Stefanie Wolf
Rick Mathis
Ethan Bradford
Daryl Ducharme
Eric Aderhold
Jeff Pearson
Lee Cerveny
Ryan Doerfler
Chad Johnson
Mike Glenn
Cole Kopca
George Peppin
Emily Kopca
Jessica Schultz
Steven Corcoran
Brian Stark
Bill Courshon
Jake Yant
Vlatko Mrsic
Alex Lee
Alexander Kenesson
Alex Ge
Sheila Mariano
Mike Williams
Chris Hester
Mari Torii-Karch
Laura McDonald
Katie Santiago
Jeff Bruce
Alexander Zimmerman
Iowa Nelson
Berit Tomten
Chad Hessoun
Lori Markham
Paul Kamrar
Phil Shryock
Ramy Cohen
Keith Freeland
Alex Davies
John Canning
June Fox
Suzanne Sowinska
Scott Smith
Lisa Orchard
Mick Wheeler