Knock the Dust Off

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

November 8-10, 2019 - Completed

Knock the Dust Off

Sign up as an individual. Teams will be formed by the bonspiel organizers to be of roughly balanced strength. You can request teammates when signing up, but not all requests can be granted.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:30 pm DuanJessKatiMick vs. ChriJakeBeriKat BoweAlexAlexAlex vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi PatEricSuzaJaso vs. RobiColeEmilDary SheiJohnKellAlex vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex AlexAlexLeeAlex vs. WillChriNealJeff - tie
7:40 pm RamyBillRickLock vs. KurtEricLisaAjin JameMichMikeKell vs. MariKatiJoycSall JeffChadLydiEric vs. StevAlecAndrMorg RichLailMichLuca vs. LoriLaurGeorVlat RyanAdamGregKeit vs. ChadKoryMallIowa
8:50 pm BoweAlexAlexAlex vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex DuanJessKatiMick vs. PatEricSuzaJaso SheiJohnKellAlex vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi WillChriNealJeff vs. ChriJakeBeriKat AlexAlexLeeAlex vs. RobiColeEmilDary
Sat 9:00 am RyanAdamGregKeit vs. JameMichMikeKell StevAlecAndrMorg vs. RamyBillRickLock LoriLaurGeorVlat vs. ChadKoryMallIowa - tie MariKatiJoycSall vs. KurtEricLisaAjin - tie JeffChadLydiEric vs. RichLailMichLuca
10:10 am RobiColeEmilDary vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi ChriJakeBeriKat vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex WillChriNealJeff vs. DuanJessKatiMick AlexAlexLeeAlex vs. BoweAlexAlexAlex SheiJohnKellAlex vs. PatEricSuzaJaso
11:20 am MariKatiJoycSall vs. ChadKoryMallIowa - tie KurtEricLisaAjin vs. JeffChadLydiEric RichLailMichLuca vs. RyanAdamGregKeit JameMichMikeKell vs. StevAlecAndrMorg LoriLaurGeorVlat vs. RamyBillRickLock
12:30 pm Lunch
1:20 pm PatEricSuzaJaso vs. AlexAlexLeeAlex SheiJohnKellAlex vs. WillChriNealJeff - tie BoweAlexAlexAlex vs. RobiColeEmilDary DuanJessKatiMick vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex ChriJakeBeriKat vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi
2:30 pm StevAlecAndrMorg vs. RichLailMichLuca MariKatiJoycSall vs. RyanAdamGregKeit RamyBillRickLock vs. JameMichMikeKell KurtEricLisaAjin vs. LoriLaurGeorVlat - tie ChadKoryMallIowa vs. JeffChadLydiEric
3:40 pm SheiJohnKellAlex vs. BoweAlexAlexAlex RobiColeEmilDary vs. DuanJessKatiMick AlexAlexLeeAlex vs. ChriJakeBeriKat WillChriNealJeff vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi PatEricSuzaJaso vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex
4:50 pm LoriLaurGeorVlat vs. RyanAdamGregKeit StevAlecAndrMorg vs. MariKatiJoycSall KurtEricLisaAjin vs. ChadKoryMallIowa RamyBillRickLock vs. JeffChadLydiEric RichLailMichLuca vs. JameMichMikeKell
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm ChriJakeBeriKat vs. JeffChadLydiEric PatEricSuzaJaso vs. ChadKoryMallIowa PhilMaryJuneAlex vs. RyanAdamGregKeit RobiColeEmilDary vs. RichLailMichLuca DuanJessKatiMick vs. LoriLaurGeorVlat
8:10 pm WillChriNealJeff vs. KurtEricLisaAjin AlexAlexLeeAlex vs. RamyBillRickLock BriaKaraPaulDevi vs. StevAlecAndrMorg SheiJohnKellAlex vs. JameMichMikeKell BoweAlexAlexAlex vs. MariKatiJoycSall
Sun 9:00 am DuanJessKatiMick vs. JeffChadLydiEric RichLailMichLuca vs. PhilMaryJuneAlex RyanAdamGregKeit vs. ChadKoryMallIowa - tie LoriLaurGeorVlat vs. PatEricSuzaJaso ChriJakeBeriKat vs. RobiColeEmilDary - tie
10:10 am MariKatiJoycSall vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi JameMichMikeKell vs. KurtEricLisaAjin RamyBillRickLock vs. BoweAlexAlexAlex StevAlecAndrMorg vs. WillChriNealJeff SheiJohnKellAlex vs. AlexAlexLeeAlex
11:25 am PhilMaryJuneAlex vs. RobiColeEmilDary DuanJessKatiMick vs. RyanAdamGregKeit PatEricSuzaJaso vs. ChriJakeBeriKat KurtEricLisaAjin vs. MariKatiJoycSall ChadKoryMallIowa vs. JeffChadLydiEric
12:35 pm JameMichMikeKell vs. AlexAlexLeeAlex BoweAlexAlexAlex vs. WillChriNealJeff SheiJohnKellAlex vs. RichLailMichLuca - tie StevAlecAndrMorg vs. LoriLaurGeorVlat RamyBillRickLock vs. BriaKaraPaulDevi
Color Key: Pool C Pool D

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