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Granite Curling Club of Seattle

March 9-10, 2019 - Upcoming

Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:30 am Northern Ontario vs. Saskatchewan Newfoundland vs. Labrador Prince Edward Island vs. Alberta Yukon vs. Nunavut New Brunswick vs. Manitoba
9:45 am Ontario vs. Quebec A7. British Columbia vs. Alberta A8. Nova Scotia vs. Manitoba A9. Prince Edward Island vs. Newfoundland A10. Northwest Territories vs. Saskatchewan
11:00 am A11. Northwest Territories vs. Nunavut A12. Ontario vs. Nova Scotia A13. British Columbia vs. Labrador A14. Quebec vs. New Brunswick A15. Yukon vs. Northern Ontario
1:30 pm A16. Alberta vs. Newfoundland A17. Yukon vs. Saskatchewan A18. Nunavut vs. Northern Ontario A19. Ontario vs. Manitoba A20. Prince Edward Island vs. Labrador
2:45 pm A21. Nova Scotia vs. New Brunswick A22. Quebec vs. Manitoba A23. Northwest Territories vs. Yukon A24. Alberta vs. Labrador A25. British Columbia vs. Newfoundland
4:00 pm A26. British Columbia vs. Prince Edward Island A27. Northwest Territories vs. Northern Ontario A28. Ontario vs. New Brunswick A29. Nunavut vs. Saskatchewan A30. Quebec vs. Nova Scotia
7:00 pm A31. Alberta vs. Nunavut A32. Labrador vs. Quebec A33. Prince Edward Island vs. Yukon A34. Northern Ontario vs. Manitoba A35. British Columbia vs. Nova Scotia
8:15 pm A36. New Brunswick vs. Saskatchewan A37. Newfoundland vs. Yukon A38. Northwest Territories vs. Nova Scotia A39. Prince Edward Island vs. Labrador A40. Ontario vs. Nunavut
9:30 pm A41. Ontario vs. Manitoba A42. New Brunswick vs. Northwest Territories A43. Newfoundland vs. Quebec A44. Saskatchewan vs. British Columbia A45. Northern Ontario vs. Alberta
Sun 9:00 am A46. Yukon vs. Labrador A47. Northern Ontario vs. Nunavut A48. Manitoba vs. Alberta A49. New Brunswick vs. Nova Scotia A50. Prince Edward Island vs. Quebec
10:15 am A51. Northwest Territories vs. British Columbia A52. Saskatchewan vs. Nova Scotia A53. Ontario vs. Northern Ontario A54. Yukon vs. Quebec A55. Newfoundland vs. Labrador
11:30 am A56. Newfoundland vs. Prince Edward Island A57. Ontario vs. Alberta A58. New Brunswick vs. British Columbia A59. Manitoba vs. Nunavut A60. Saskatchewan vs. Northwest Territories

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