Holiday Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

December 6-8, 2019 - Completed

Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Prospero ano y felicidad! Come and celebrate the holidays curling at GCC. Great food as always, 3 game guarantee. Start the holiday season right...from the bottom of our heart!

Winning team in bold. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Fri 6:00 pm A1. Tequilaing Me Softly vs. Misfit Throws W:A17, L:C1 A3. Buenos Nachos vs. Kauffman U18 Team W:A18, L:C2 A4. Zheng vs. Danell W:A18, L:C2 A2. Jeff Tomlinson vs. Frosty the First End W:A17, L:C1 A5. Markham vs. Krienke W:A19, L:C3
8:15 pm A7. Andrew Tobin vs. Quid pro ho ho ho W:A20, L:C4 A8. Bret's Randos vs. Emily Bissonnette W:A20, L:C4 A9. RedNosed Drain Beers vs. Dominick's Donkeys W:A21, L:C5 A10. Sando vs. Los Wilburritos W:A21, L:C5 A6. Stuart Beck vs. Fleece Navidaddy W:A19, L:C3
10:30 pm A11. SmithPaw vs. Miyo Konno W:A22, L:C6 A12. Sheeter's Full vs. Miranda W:A22, L:C6 A13. Misfit Curlers vs. Rauliuk W:A23, L:C7 A15. The Jingle Boners vs. Drunken Elves W:A24, L:C8 A14. Nick DeJongh vs. Fleece Navidad W:A23, L:C7
Sat 8:00 am A16. JasonLaurieAlexEthan vs. Catty Canes W:A24, L:C8 C3. Krienke vs. Fleece Navidaddy W:C10, L:D1 C1. Misfit Throws vs. Frosty the First End W:C9, L:D2 C2. Kauffman U18 Team vs. Zheng W:C9, L:D2 C4. Andrew Tobin vs. Emily Bissonnette W:C10, L:D1
10:15 am C5. Dominick's Donkeys vs. Sando W:C11, L:D3 A19. Markham vs. Stuart Beck W:A26, L:B2 A17. Tequilaing Me Softly vs. Jeff Tomlinson W:A25, L:B1 A18. Buenos Nachos vs. Danell W:A25, L:B1 A20. Quid pro ho ho ho vs. Bret's Randos W:A26, L:B2
12:15 pm Lunch & Mini-Scrape
12:45 pm C7. Misfit Curlers vs. Nick DeJongh W:C12, L:D4 A21. RedNosed Drain Beers vs. Los Wilburritos W:A27, L:B3 C8. Drunken Elves vs. JasonLaurieAlexEthan W:C12, L:D4 A22. Miyo Konno vs. Miranda W:A27, L:B3 C6. SmithPaw vs. Sheeter's Full W:C11, L:D3
3:00 pm A23. Rauliuk vs. Fleece Navidad W:A28, L:B4       A24. The Jingle Boners vs. Catty Canes W:A28, L:B4
5:00 pm Dinner & Scrape
6:30 pm B1. Tequilaing Me Softly vs. Danell W:B5 A25. Jeff Tomlinson vs. Buenos Nachos W:A29 D1. Krienke vs. Emily Bissonnette W:D5 A26. Markham vs. Quid pro ho ho ho W:A29 A27. Los Wilburritos vs. Miranda W:A30
8:45 pm B2. Stuart Beck vs. Bret's Randos W:B5 C9. Misfit Throws vs. Kauffman U18 Team W:C13 C10. Fleece Navidaddy vs. Andrew Tobin W:C13 A28. Rauliuk vs. The Jingle Boners W:A30 D2. Frosty the First End vs. Zheng W:D5
11:00 pm B3. RedNosed Drain Beers vs. Miyo Konno W:B6 D3. Sando vs. Sheeter's Full W:D6 C11. Dominick's Donkeys vs. SmithPaw W:C14 B4. Fleece Navidad vs. Catty Canes W:B6 C12. Misfit Curlers vs. Drunken Elves W:C14
Sun 8:00 am A29. Jeff Tomlinson vs. Markham W:A31 A30. Los Wilburritos vs. Rauliuk W:A31 B5. Tequilaing Me Softly vs. Stuart Beck W:B7 D4. Nick DeJongh vs. JasonLaurieAlexEthan W:D6  
10:15 am C13. Kauffman U18 Team vs. Fleece Navidaddy W:C15 C14. Dominick's Donkeys vs. Drunken Elves W:C15 B6. Miyo Konno vs. Catty Canes W:B7 D5. Emily Bissonnette vs. Zheng W:D7 D6. Sheeter's Full vs. Nick DeJongh W:D7
12:45 pm D7. Zheng vs. Nick DeJongh B7. Tequilaing Me Softly vs. Catty Canes A31. Jeff Tomlinson vs. Los Wilburritos C15. Kauffman U18 Team vs. Dominick's Donkeys  

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