USWCA Playdown

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

October 19-20, 2019 - Upcoming

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Playdown to select the GCC's women's team to represent the club at the USWCA National Bonspiel from February 19-23, 2020. Games will be 8 ends and timed.
Deadline for submission is October 11, 2019

Teams - 5

Team Name From First Game Members
Garzina Granite A3 - Saturday 2:00 pm Cynthia Garzina, Karen Brattesani, Christy Wilhelmy, Cathie Tomlinson
Bonin Granite A1 - Saturday 9:00 am Claire Bonin, Jiyoung Lee, Mijung Wick, Megan Goodenkauf, Doreen Deaver
Haigh-Gore Granite A1 - Saturday 9:00 am Laurel Haigh-Gore, Kathy Justice, Jenny Evans, Joyce Lingg, Sheila Mariano
Krienke Granite A2 - Saturday 2:00 pm Nadyne Krienke, Cyndy Eng-Dinsel, Jessica Schultz, Janet Pawlowski, Marj Yalowicki
Sharon Vukich   A2 - Saturday 2:00 pm Sharon Vukich, Em Good, Jaynie Pleasants, Laurie Cange