Women's Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 9-10, 2019 - In Planning

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Event Canceled

Teams - 18

Team Name From First Game Members
Bartholomew & the Oobleck Granite Saturday 8:00 am Lori Markham, Jen Nguyen, Mary Holmes, Erin Castillo
Daisy Head Mayzie Granite Saturday 10:15 am Lisa Rauliuk, Christina Patsula, Jackie Dion, Julia Salvatora
500 Hats of Bartholomew Granite Saturday 8:00 am Christie Wilhelmy
The Foot Book (Wright)   Saturday 10:15 am Marissa Wright, Claire Bonin, Megan DeVeau, Sue Lorvick
You're Only Old Once   Saturday 8:00 am Marjorie Yalowicki, Joan Sienkiewicz, Leslie Frosch, Reilly Mannery
I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today Evergreen/Granite Saturday 10:15 am Margee Will, Kae, Courtney
On Beyond Zebra! Granite and Ex- Saturday 10:15 am Becca Walters, Iowa Nelson, Eva Urbatsch, Michelle Toi
The Butter Battle Book Granite Saturday 8:00 am Katie Santiago, Jessica Schultz, Veronica Mankinen, Elizabeth Spokoiny
Wacky Wednesday Granite Saturday 8:00 am Kara McBroom, Laurel Gore, Jennie Dodson, Jeanne Larson
Funny Things Granite Saturday 8:00 am Doreen Deaver, Nicole Way, Elizabeth Booth, Colleen Kostenko
What Pet Should I Get? Granite Saturday 10:15 am Kimberly Hitchcock, Janet Pawlowski, Margreet de Leeuw, Agueda Sanchez
Yertle the Turtle Granite Saturday 10:15 am Arianna Rauliuk, Abby Lin, Allison Tan, Mari Torii-Karch
If I Ran the Zoo Granite Saturday 10:15 am Nadyne Krienke
The King's Stilts Vernon,BC Saturday 10:15 am Kim Schwaerzle, Marnie Kovacs, Joan Griffith, Laura Lechky
I saw it on Mulberry Street Abbotsford Saturday 8:00 am Krys Beketa
ABC Granite Saturday 10:15 am Sheila I Mariano, Melanie Zahn, Em Good, Kathy Justice
McElligot's Pool Granite Saturday 10:15 am Cindy Garzina, Cathie Tomlinson, Cori Tomlinson, Caroline Harding
The Sneetches Granite Saturday 8:00 am Jacqueline Clark, Colleen Johnson, Emily Bissonnette, Mary Herlin