Junior Bonspiel: State Fair

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

January 25-26, 2020 - Completed

C'mon out to the State Fair.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to detailed scoring if available.

Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Sat 8:30 am   Ayrshire vs. Highland Brown Swiss vs. Red Angus Holstein vs. Jersey Guernsey vs. Hereford
10:15 am Piglettes vs. Sheep   Pygmy Goats vs. Rabbits Chickens vs. Horses  
12:15 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Hereford vs. Brown Swiss Jersey vs. Ayrshire Red Angus vs. Guernsey Highland vs. Holstein  
3:30 pm Ayrshire vs. Holstein Brown Swiss vs. Guernsey Horses vs. Piglettes Chickens vs. Rabbits Sheep vs. Pygmy Goats
5:30 pm Banquet
7:00 pm Pygmy Goats vs. Horses Sheep vs. Rabbits Jersey vs. Highland Hereford vs. Red Angus Piglettes vs. Chickens
Sun 9:00 am Piglettes vs. Rabbits Chickens vs. Pygmy Goats Brown Swiss vs. Ayrshire I:1st in each pool Sheep vs. Horses Red Angus vs. Highland I:2nd in each pool
11:30 am   Horses vs. Rabbits Sheep vs. Chickens Pygmy Goats vs. Piglettes  

All needed tie-breaking by draws following the RR. All Sunday games subject to sheet reassignment.

Color Key: Animals Cattle-A Cattle-B

Last Update: 2020 Oct 25 2:54:28 am PDT