72nd USWCA National Bonspiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 20-23, 2020 - Completed

72nd USWCA National Bonspiel

The USWCA National Bonspiel comes to Seattle. Thirty two teams from around the country come together for this very popular event. Our live stream is active during this event.

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PST.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5
Wed 8:00 pm Opening Ceremony
Thu 7:00 am 101. Rice Lake vs. Silicon Valley W:117, L:201 102. Plainfield vs. Coyotes W:117, L:201 103. Mayfield vs. Evergreen W:118, L:202 104. Nutmeg vs. Racine W:118, L:202 105. Wine Country vs. Milwaukee W:119, L:203
9:45 am 108. Broomstones vs. Granite W:120, L:204 107. Bowling Green vs. Madison W:120, L:204 109. Rochester vs. Blackhawk W:121, L:205 110. Triangle vs. Four Seasons W:121, L:205 106. Detroit 2 vs. Exmoor W:119, L:203
12:30 pm 115. Belfast vs. Fairbanks W:124, L:208 111. Kettle Moraine vs. Arden Hills W:122, L:206 113. Chicago vs. The Country Club W:123, L:207 112. Detroit 1 vs. Denver W:122, L:206 114. St Paul vs. Green Bay W:123, L:207
3:15 pm 203. Wine Country vs. Detroit 2 W:210, L:302 202. Evergreen vs. Racine W:209, L:301 204. Bowling Green vs. Granite W:210, L:302 201. Rice Lake vs. Coyotes W:209, L:301 116. St Louis vs. Centerville W:124, L:208
6:30 pm Banquet
Fri 8:00 am 123. Chicago vs. St Paul W:128, L:308 205. Blackhawk vs. Triangle W:211, L:303 122. Arden Hills vs. Denver W:127, L:307 124. Fairbanks vs. Centerville W:128, L:308 206. Kettle Moraine vs. Detroit 1 W:211, L:303
10:45 am 118. Mayfield vs. Nutmeg W:125, L:305 121. Rochester vs. Four Seasons W:127, L:307 117. Silicon Valley vs. Plainfield W:125, L:305 119. Milwaukee vs. Exmoor W:126, L:306 120. Madison vs. Broomstones W:126, L:306
1:30 pm 207. The Country Club vs. Green Bay W:212, L:304 210. Wine Country vs. Bowling Green W:214, L:314 211. Blackhawk vs. Detroit 1 W:215, L:315 208. Belfast vs. St Louis W:212, L:304 209. Rice Lake vs. Racine W:213, L:316
4:15 pm 127. Four Seasons vs. Denver W:130, L:213 128. St Paul vs. Centerville W:130, L:214 126. Milwaukee vs. Madison W:129, L:216   125. Plainfield vs. Nutmeg W:129, L:215
7:00 pm 301. Coyotes vs. Evergreen W:309, L:401 304. The Country Club vs. Belfast W:310, L:402 212. Green Bay vs. St Louis W:216, L:313 303. Triangle vs. Kettle Moraine W:310, L:402 302. Detroit 2 vs. Granite W:309, L:401
Sat 8:00 am 307. Rochester vs. Arden Hills W:312, L:404   306. Exmoor vs. Broomstones W:311, L:403 305. Silicon Valley vs. Mayfield W:311, L:403 308. Chicago vs. Fairbanks W:312, L:404
10:45 am 215. Plainfield vs. Blackhawk W:218 309. Evergreen vs. Granite W:313 213. Denver vs. Rice Lake W:217 214. St Paul vs. Wine Country W:217 216. Madison vs. Green Bay W:218
1:30 pm 311. Silicon Valley vs. Exmoor W:315 401. Coyotes vs. Detroit 2 W:405 402. Triangle vs. Belfast W:405 312. Arden Hills vs. Chicago W:316 310. Kettle Moraine vs. The Country Club W:314
4:15 pm 129. Nutmeg vs. Milwaukee W:131 403. Mayfield vs. Broomstones W:406 218. Plainfield vs. Madison W:219 130. Four Seasons vs. Centerville W:131 217. Denver vs. St Paul W:219
7:00 pm 314. Bowling Green vs. The Country Club W:317 404. Rochester vs. Fairbanks W:406 316. Racine vs. Chicago W:318 313. St Louis vs. Granite W:317 315. Detroit 1 vs. Exmoor W:318
Sun 9:00 am 318. Detroit 1 vs. Chicago W:319   317. Granite vs. The Country Club W:319 406. Broomstones vs. Fairbanks W:407 405. Coyotes vs. Belfast W:407
1:00 pm 407. Coyotes vs. Fairbanks 219. Denver vs. Madison 131. Nutmeg vs. Centerville 319. Granite vs. Detroit 1  
3:30 pm Awards Ceremony

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