72nd USWCA National Bonspiel

Rules of Play


The USWCA Rules are the Governing Rules for all USWCA sanctioned events. All games shall be played under the USCA Rules of Play (Section 1) with USWCA exceptions.  It is incumbent upon each team member to be thoroughly familiar with the rules.  Any questions should be brought to the attention of the Chief Umpire Joe Roberts or his assistants.


The rules include:

       All teams must start with a complete 4-person team. The order of play must be defined at least 30 minutes prior to the draw, and may be changed only after a loss or if utilizing a substitute. 


       All games shall be 10 ends in duration. Each team will have 38 minutes of thinking time to complete their portion of each 10-end game. There will be no team time-outs or breaks other than the standard 1-minute between ends.  Teams do not need to wait for the entire 1-minute to elapse and may start the next end when ready. 


       In the event of a tie score at the completion of 10 ends, a full, extra end (or ends) shall be played until a winner is determined. Each team will receive 4 minutes and 30 seconds of thinking time for each extra end.


       A game is completed when one team is mathematically eliminated (i.e. fewer stones remain than are needed to tie or win). A game is forfeited by a team whose time expires.


       Vice Skips are responsible for posting the score. An umpire will perform any measurements that are not clear to both players (one from each team) in charge of the house.


       If it comes to the attention of the Chief Umpire that the ice is being damaged by a player, in any way, the problem will be corrected immediately.


       If a player is unable to finish a game, the team may play with three players or request a sub. The sub must play the position of the missing player if the substitution is mid-game.


       The Five Rock Free Guard Rule is in effect for all games.

       WCF competition approved brooms will not be required for this event.  Any reasonable broom approved for league play will be permitted. 

       Use of delivery stick is permitted, subject to USCA Rule R10(e), which stipulates that the delivery stick must be used the entire game and and the stone must be released from the stick before it reaches the hog line.