Virtual April Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle (Virtually)

March 30 - April 11, 2021 - Completed

Virtual April Spiel

Covid may have cancelled our traditional April Spiel, so we decided to take it online! Come join in on the fun - don't forget the beverages and costumes!!!

Winning team in bold. Time is link to linescore if available. All times are PDT.
Time Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Sheet 6 Sheet 7 Sheet 8
Mar 30 7:00 pm Phil Shryock vs. Marissa Wright Iowa Nelson vs. Ian McLean Colleen Richardson vs. John Poshepny Ryan Doerfler vs. The Pappin Nate Levin vs. David Tutwiler Chris Kidder-Mostrom vs. Aaron DeGagne Ali Kidder-Mostrom vs. Rob Totaro Brian Danell vs. Andrew C Hardwick
8:00 pm Paul Kamrar vs. Dion Warr Andrea Trepanier vs. Erik Maeder Brice Russ vs. Zevi Altus Zachary Collins vs. Matthew Kenlan Alex Ge vs. Jason Thoms Chad Alojipan vs. Stuart Scheffer Michael Lively vs. Chris Barry Bryan Pittard vs. Bill Morrison
9:00 pm Chris Sherry vs. Alexander Kenesson Neal Digre vs. Suzannah Klaniecki Jonathan Updegrove vs. Charles Dickerson Mike Taylor vs. Matt Birklid Alex Zimmerman vs. Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert Matthew Stutzenberger vs. Kathy Justice Dave Petty vs. Daryl Allen Luc Violette vs. Dan Hazlitt
Mar 31 7:00 pm Phil Shryock vs. Alexander Kenesson Iowa Nelson vs. Suzannah Klaniecki Colleen Richardson vs. Charles Dickerson Ryan Doerfler vs. Matt Birklid Nate Levin vs. Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert Chris Kidder-Mostrom vs. Kathy Justice Ali Kidder-Mostrom vs. Daryl Allen Brian Danell vs. Dan Hazlitt
8:00 pm Chris Sherry vs. Dion Warr Neal Digre vs. Erik Maeder Jonathan Updegrove vs. Zevi Altus Mike Taylor vs. Matthew Kenlan Alex Zimmerman vs. Jason Thoms Matthew Stutzenberger vs. Stuart Scheffer Dave Petty vs. Chris Barry Luc Violette vs. Bill Morrison
9:00 pm Marissa Wright vs. Paul Kamrar Ian McLean vs. Andrea Trepanier John Poshepny vs. Brice Russ The Pappin vs. Zachary Collins David Tutwiler vs. Alex Ge Aaron DeGagne vs. Chad Alojipan Rob Totaro vs. Michael Lively Andrew C Hardwick vs. Bryan Pittard
Apr 1 7:00 pm Dion Warr vs. Phil Shryock Erik Maeder vs. Iowa Nelson Zevi Altus vs. Colleen Richardson Matthew Kenlan vs. Ryan Doerfler Jason Thoms vs. Nate Levin Stuart Scheffer vs. Chris Kidder-Mostrom Chris Barry vs. Ali Kidder-Mostrom Bill Morrison vs. Brian Danell
8:00 pm Paul Kamrar vs. Chris Sherry Andrea Trepanier vs. Neal Digre Brice Russ vs. Jonathan Updegrove Zachary Collins vs. Mike Taylor Alex Ge vs. Alex Zimmerman Chad Alojipan vs. Matthew Stutzenberger Michael Lively vs. Dave Petty Bryan Pittard vs. Luc Violette
9:00 pm Alexander Kenesson vs. Marissa Wright Suzannah Klaniecki vs. Ian McLean Charles Dickerson vs. John Poshepny Matt Birklid vs. The Pappin Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert vs. David Tutwiler Kathy Justice vs. Aaron DeGagne Daryl Allen vs. Rob Totaro Dan Hazlitt vs. Andrew C Hardwick
Apr 2 7:00 pm Paul Kamrar vs. Phil Shryock Andrea Trepanier vs. Iowa Nelson Brice Russ vs. Colleen Richardson Zachary Collins vs. Ryan Doerfler Alex Ge vs. Nate Levin Chad Alojipan vs. Chris Kidder-Mostrom Michael Lively vs. Ali Kidder-Mostrom Bryan Pittard vs. Brian Danell
8:00 pm Chris Sherry vs. Marissa Wright Neal Digre vs. Ian McLean Jonathan Updegrove vs. John Poshepny Mike Taylor vs. The Pappin Alex Zimmerman vs. David Tutwiler Matthew Stutzenberger vs. Aaron DeGagne Dave Petty vs. Rob Totaro Luc Violette vs. Andrew C Hardwick
9:00 pm Dion Warr vs. Alexander Kenesson Erik Maeder vs. Suzannah Klaniecki Zevi Altus vs. Charles Dickerson Matthew Kenlan vs. Matt Birklid Jason Thoms vs. Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert Stuart Scheffer vs. Kathy Justice Chris Barry vs. Daryl Allen Bill Morrison vs. Dan Hazlitt
Apr 3 7:00 pm Alexander Kenesson vs. Paul Kamrar Suzannah Klaniecki vs. Andrea Trepanier Charles Dickerson vs. Brice Russ Matt Birklid vs. Zachary Collins Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert vs. Alex Ge Kathy Justice vs. Chad Alojipan Daryl Allen vs. Michael Lively Dan Hazlitt vs. Bryan Pittard
8:00 pm Phil Shryock vs. Chris Sherry Iowa Nelson vs. Neal Digre Colleen Richardson vs. Jonathan Updegrove Ryan Doerfler vs. Mike Taylor Nate Levin vs. Alex Zimmerman Chris Kidder-Mostrom vs. Matthew Stutzenberger Ali Kidder-Mostrom vs. Dave Petty Brian Danell vs. Luc Violette
9:00 pm Marissa Wright vs. Dion Warr Ian McLean vs. Erik Maeder John Poshepny vs. Zevi Altus The Pappin vs. Matthew Kenlan David Tutwiler vs. Jason Thoms Aaron DeGagne vs. Stuart Scheffer Rob Totaro vs. Chris Barry Andrew C Hardwick vs. Bill Morrison
Apr 8 4:00 pm A1. Chad Alojipan vs. Jason Thoms W:A9 A2. Luc Violette vs. Andrea Trepanier W:A9 A3. Brice Russ vs. Chris Sherry W:A10 A4. Bill Morrison vs. Daryl Allen W:A10 A5. Neal Digre vs. Dion Warr W:A11 A6. Matt Birklid vs. Chris Barry W:A11 A7. David Tutwiler vs. Matthew Stutzenberger W:A12 A8. Matthew Kenlan vs. Zevi Altus W:A12
5:00 pm B1. Michael Lively vs. Jonathan Updegrove W:B9 B2. Alexander Kenesson vs. Andrew C Hardwick W:B9 B3. Paul Kamrar vs. Alex Ge W:B10 B4. Nate Levin vs. Dan Hazlitt W:B10 B5. Erik Maeder vs. Mike Taylor W:B11 B6. The Pappin vs. Aaron DeGagne W:B11 B7. Charles Dickerson vs. Ian McLean W:B12 B8. Kathy Justice vs. Rob Totaro W:B12
6:00 pm C1. Phil Shryock vs. Chris Kidder-Mostrom W:C9 C2. Dave Petty vs. Iowa Nelson W:C9 C3. Colleen Richardson vs. Bryan Pittard W:C10 C4. Brian Danell vs. Zachary Collins W:C10 C5. Alex Zimmerman vs. Ali Kidder-Mostrom W:C11 C6. Stuart Scheffer vs. Marissa Wright W:C11 C7. John Poshepny vs. Suzannah Klaniecki W:C12 C8. Ryan Doerfler vs. Ryan Michael 'Swift Broom' Schwochert W:C12
Apr 9 4:00 pm A9. Chad Alojipan vs. Andrea Trepanier W:A13 A10. Brice Russ vs. Bill Morrison W:A13 A11. Dion Warr vs. Chris Barry W:A14 A12. David Tutwiler vs. Matthew Kenlan W:A14 B9. Michael Lively vs. Alexander Kenesson W:B13 B10. Paul Kamrar vs. Dan Hazlitt W:B13 B11. Mike Taylor vs. The Pappin W:B14 B12. Charles Dickerson vs. Kathy Justice W:B14
5:00 pm C9. Phil Shryock vs. Iowa Nelson W:C13 C10. Bryan Pittard vs. Brian Danell W:C13 C11. Alex Zimmerman vs. Marissa Wright W:C14 C12. John Poshepny vs. Ryan Doerfler W:C14        
Apr 10 7:00 pm     B13. Michael Lively vs. Dan Hazlitt W:B15 B14. The Pappin vs. Kathy Justice W:B15 C13. Phil Shryock vs. Bryan Pittard W:C15 C14. Alex Zimmerman vs. Ryan Doerfler W:C15    
Apr 11 10:00 am       A13. Chad Alojipan vs. Bill Morrison W:A15 A14. Chris Barry vs. Matthew Kenlan W:A15      
1:00 pm     A15. Bill Morrison vs. Chris Barry B15. Dan Hazlitt vs. Kathy Justice C15. Phil Shryock vs. Ryan Doerfler      

All Times are suggestions except for SemiFinals and Finals

Color Key: Pool Anenomies Pool Buried Treasure Pool Coral Reef Pool Mermen Pool Octopus Pool School of Fish Pool Seashells Pool Seaweed

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