Virtual April Spiel

Rules and Information


A. Registration is through the GCC website, opening on March 1, 2021 and closing at 11:59pm PT on March 23, 2021.

B. This is an individual event with a $10 US non-refundable entry fee.

C. This Event is targeting 48 players.  Registration will close when that number is reached, but a waitlist will be created. Additional players will be admitted in groups of 6, when an additional full pool can be added.


Event Format

A. ONLINE GAME WEBSITE TO BE USED:  (same website as This is a web-based program that will run on a phone or tablet with a browser but is easiest on a computer or laptop. Creating an account and username is required, but subscribing to the website is not. Please set those up right away and start practicing!

B. FORMAT: A Round Robin (Pools of 6 Players each) will be followed by single-elimination Bracket Play, which results in a 6-game guarantee. Each player will play every other player in its Pool once. Round Robin records will be used for seeding purposes in the brackets.

-            The top 2 Players in each Pool will be sent to the A-Bracket.

-            The next 2 Players in each Pool will be sent to the B-Bracket.

-            The next 2 Players in each Pool will be sent to the C-Bracket.

-            Depending on demand, Organizers may create additional brackets.


C. TIEBREAK PROCEDURES: The following criteria (in order) will be used to rank the players within a Pool at the completion of the Round Robin:

-            Players will be ranked according to their win/loss record;

-            If two players are tied, the player that won their Head-to-head round robin game will be ranked higher;

-            If three or more players are tied, players that have the higher total number of ends won will be ranked higher;

-            If there’s STILL a tie, tiebreak games will be played on the date shown on the calendar below.


Grouping into Pools

A. If there are people that you would like in your pool, please email the Organizers at

B .Otherwise, placement into Pools will be done using a randomly generated Player List at 


Event Procedures

A.          EVENT WINDOW: The Event will begin on March 30 and end on April 11, 2021. (Game times below are PT.)

-            Round Robin Pool Play: March 30- April 5

-            Tiebreaker Day: April 6

-            Brackets created & issued: April 7

-            Round of 16/ Quarterfinal Rounds: April 8 through April 10 at 5pm

-            B & C Bracket Semi-finals: April 10 at 7pm

-            A Bracket Semi-Finals: April 11 at 10am

-            Finals (all Brackets) : April 11 at 1pm

B. GAME SCHEDULING: Except for Final and Semi-Final games, all players are to self-schedule their games, employing whatever means the players in the Pool decide works best for clear and timely communication. Email addresses of each Pool’s players will be shared by the Organizer. At the beginning of the event, Players are responsible for communicating and completing games in a timely manner that does not impede other players in the Pool from doing so as well. If a player hasn’t responded to a request within 24-48 hrs, please contact  Players should plan to average 1 game every day in order to conclude Round Robin play inside the designated window.

C. GAME ROOM: Games to be played in Room #4 at the game website. Please enter that room to meet your opponent.

D. PREGAME: Hammer to be assigned by the game website.  It is what it is.  ;)

E .GAME PLAY: Games in the Round Robin are to be 6 ends and games in Bracket Play are to be 8 ends. (FYI, each end takes about 10 minutes to play.) Should the score be tied at the conclusion of the game, Extra Ends will be played until there is a clear winner. Due to tiebreak rules for the playoffs, all RR games are to be played a full 6 Ends.  Please do not end the game early. Tiebreakers for seeding will employ ‘ends won’ as one measure. Extra ends will not count towards that calculation.

F. GAME TIMING: Game timing is provided in-game. Players will have an allotted 30 sec of time to make decisions on each shot. The game provides some overage to the amount of 2:00 min/end.

G. RULES OF THE GAME: The game website,, determines the rules of game play.  Please practice in advance of the Event.  The 5-rock rule is in effect. If there are any clarifications that need to be made or disputes of any kind…please discuss amicably within the ‘Spirit of Curling’. In the case situations can’t be settled…contact

H. RECORDING OF SCORES: A photo or screenshot of the final scoreboard should be sent to  Standings can be viewed at

I. GAME INTERRUPTION: If a game crashes on anyone’s end, please refer to your running scoring of the ends played and resume the game from the interrupted end (from the beginning,) giving the hammer to the appropriate player.

J .CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND: April 8-11 (April Spiel weekend!)  Several games will be webcast, with commentary!  Please join the online events to tune in.  In true April Spiel fashion, costumes are encouraged!



A. EMAIL: Email addresses of each Pool’s players will be shared by the Organizer.



D. GOOGLE CALENDAR: Please add your upcoming games to the calendar so others may spectate (and chat) through the game website! Keep checking it for nights for practice games, broomstacking, and associated events.



Prizes will be given to the Final 4 of each of the brackets. More information coming once registration is closed.


Please email

Special thanks...

to Denver Curling Club and Nanaimo Curling Club, for sharing their ‘lessons learned’ from their virtual spiels!


to attend next year’s April Spiel, “Under the Sea,” in person! Keep an eye on and !!