5 and Under Spiel

Granite Curling Club of Seattle

February 25-27, 2022 - In Planning

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This event is now full - further entries will go on the wait list. Skip the payment step until otherwise directed.

Exclusively for Granite Curling Club members that have curled five years or less (and no, 2020 does not count!), this unique event always fills its 60 spots very quickly.

Registration fee is non-refundable after February 3rd, 2022.

This event has an individual entry fee of $75. Sign-up for this event

Individual Entries - 60

Elizabeth Spokoiny
Katie Moran
Iskender Kushan
Kathy Justice
Peter Garbes
Jeff Bell
Anna Jensen
Larry Spokoiny
Paul Kamrar
Neal Digre
Andrew Hunter
Matt McLaughlin
Kelly Scherr
Suzanne McLaughlin
Miyoko Nather
Carolyn Beranek
Pam Wagner
Shelley Roberts
Cheryl Crandall
Andrew Tobin
Juliette Tanarro
Jared Oren
Melanie Zahn
Bowen Zheng
Emer Dolan
Suzannah Klaniecki
Michael Williams
Kevin Neumann
Rick Mathis
Tyanne Faulkes
Rachel Lin
Derek Huang
Amy Lin
Cole Kopca
Kerri Sidebottom
Christopher Kidder-Mostrom
Ali Kidder-Mostrom
Joe Landry
Alex Lee
Scott Laidlaw
Micah Jenkins
Samuel Huang
Laura Hanna
Jesse McFarland
Emily Kopca
Greg Schmidt
Kellen Chow
Alex Chow
Berit Tomten
Chad Johnson
John Canning
Rodd Kiliany
Heidi Kiliany
Elizabeth Bell
Alecia Burke
Daryl Allen
Meg O’Reilly
James Reilly
Erik Sanders
Eric Kulcyk